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Mobile Device Advertising


Mobile Phone Advertising Statistics

Mobile technology is advancing at a blistering pace. Still not convinced? Then this snapshot of mobile phone advertising statistics will give you a feel for how quickly mobile device advertising is finding its way into the mainstream.

You've heard people talk about how mobile technology is the next big thing in marketing, but you're not convinced.

Although it's clear that cell phones are a pervasive part of American culture, converting the popularity of mobile technology into actual customers seems like a stretch.

The truth is that mobile advertising isn't the next big thing it's the big thing that's happening right now. Results-oriented marketers are flocking to Smart phones, cell phones and PDAs in droves because they understand that the way consumers receive and transmit information has changed. Instead of relying on desktop and even laptop computing environments, more and more consumers are turning to mobile technology as their primary source of information.

Mobile phone advertising statistics bring the issue into even sharper focus, moving mobile marketing beyond the anecdotal and into the world of solid facts. If you're still on the fence about mobile advertising, here are some of the numbers you need to know about.

  • Mobile marketplace. The mobile marketplace is enormous with more than 90% of Americans now using mobile technology. Mobile phones with touchscreens, WiFi connectivity and advanced operating systems are becoming standard. Android platform users alone have been growing at a rate of more than 25% per month since 2009.
  • Web access. More than 76% of mobile phone users now have access to the Internet from their device and one-third of these users employ their web connectivity feature on a regular basis. As a marketer, this means you have to pay attention to the likelihood that consumers will make mobile, online connections with your brand.
  • Ad visibility & conversion. Approximately 33% of mobile users remember seeing an ad on their device at some point in the previous quarter (41% of iPhone users). But the really impressive stat is that a third of the people who saw a mobile ad say they responded to it.
  • Ad usage. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated about their preference regarding online promotions. Only 18% of mobile users are open to the idea of watching ads in exchange for free content, so you'll need to exercise creativity in designing mobile ad campaigns.
  • Text messaging & location-based services. More than 162 million American consumers engaged in text messaging in 2008 and 10% of users engaged in location-based mobile services. Both of these venues are ripe with opportunities for small business messaging.

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