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Engaged Employees Deliver Measurably Higher Customer Satisfaction In Franchise Food Service

Written by Tim Morral
Published: 1/29/2013

Study shows that restaurants at the top of their employee engagement game experience a 300% increase in guest satisfaction ratings over a one-year period.

Restaurant franchisees know the impact good service can have on their company's bottom line. If the restaurant's employees are dedicated to meeting diners' needs, the business has a better-than-average chance of success. On the other hand, not even five-star chefs can save an eatery with dismal service and a half-hearted wait staff.

Engaged Employees Franchise Food Service Restaurants

Recently, The Franchise Herald reported on a study conducted by the management consulting firm, DecisionWise, showing that engaged restaurant employees deliver exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction.

Restaurants that rank in the top 10 percent for employee engagement reported a 300 percent increase in guest satisfaction ratings over a one-year period. On the flip side of the spectrum, stagnant satisfaction ratings were reported for restaurants occupying the bottom 10 percent for employee engagement.

"The current restaurant environment is a competitive playing field where winning the hearts and minds of customers is the key indicator of success," said lead researcher and DecisionWise Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Paul Warner. "Because so many employees in these types of companies have direct contact with customers, an engaged workforce is critical to creating a strong customer base and increasing market share. It is not surprising that those restaurants with the most engaged staff members also have created a better experience for their guests."

Employee engagement is a special concern for franchise restaurants with high rates of employee turnover. If the business is constantly forced to train new wait staff and other customer-facing workers, it's inevitable that the restaurant's level of service and guest satisfaction ratings will decrease.

In addition to relying on traditional employee engagement strategies, some small businesses are engaging employees using social media. Leveraging sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, franchise restaurants can bolster engagement by improving communication and recognizing employee achievements or performance in the social space.

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