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Google Announces Video Viewability Reporting

Written by Tim Morral
Published: 1/8/2015

Search giant will provide advertisers with information about whether or not audiences are watching their video ads, helping them make more informed video marketing decisions.

As video claims a larger share of online marketing spend, it's becoming more important for marketers and advertisers to understand the impact of video investments--insights that have historically been difficult to achieve.

Video Ad Viewing Stats from Google

To help advertisers improve video marketing impact, Google recently announced plans to increase visibility to video metrics later this year by allowing advertisers to see whether or not their video ads are being viewed by online audiences.

Google's Viewability Reporting

For users of Google's DoubleClick advertising platform, Google will reportedly begin tracking video ads that run for a minimum of two seconds and are at least 50% viewable on users' screens. The company's improved viewability reports will be made available to advertisers through the platform's reporting tools.

The push for enhanced visibility is being driven by the company's efforts to offer greater transparency into video ad analytics. Although advertisers currently have access to the number of times videos are served to online users, there has been no way to gauge the number of users who actually viewed video content.

Google also announced that improved viewability reporting will be available for ads on YouTube. Advertisers will now be able to see the average time the ad was viewable on YouTube as well as analytics about viewer behaviors (e.g. viewed on different browser, volume muting, etc.).

The transition away from ads served to ads viewed represents an important shift for online advertisers. For the first time, many small and medium-sized businesses will gain a clearer perspective about the role video ads play in achieving marketing objectives and how useful video content is to online audiences.

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