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Marketers Planning To Spend More On Online Brand Advertising

Written by Tim Morral
Published: 5/3/2013

Brand advertising has finally broken through the digital wall as marketers report a renewed interest in online brand advertising.

For most Internet users and digital marketers, online advertising has meant web-based direct response advertising--a strategy that encourages consumers to immediately click a link taking them to a retail site or other web property.

Marketing Online Brand Advertising

But according to a recent report in the L.A. Times, marketers are widening their focus and preparing to invest more resources in online brand advertising. Unlike direct response advertising, brand advertising is designed to simply promote a specific company, product or service.

The 2013 Online Advertising Performance Report by the CMO Council and Vizu (a Niesen company) showed that 64 percent of marketers plan to allocate more budget spend to online brand advertising this year. Additionally, 69 percent indicated a growing interest in mobile advertising and 64 percent are increasing their interest in video advertising.

The L.A. Times article identifies consumer migration to online mediums and screen viewing as the cause for the shift in planned spend. Since large numbers of consumers have rejected print in favor of digital news and magazine content, it makes sense that brand advertising would eventually follow suit and make the leap to the digital arena.

Many small business owners have already dipped their toes in the water when it comes to advertising on the web. However, the trend toward an increased use of brand advertising online may also represent a shift in small business advertising.

While many entrepreneurs have so far seen online advertising and marketing as a way to drive traffic to their websites, brand advertising may create opportunities for small businesses to expand their web strategies and leverage brand advertising to reach online consumers in specific market segments or geographic regions.

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