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Marketing Aimed At Hispanics Should Be More Personal

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/24/2010

Emotional responses and product value messaging are critical in ads that target Hispanic market segments.

Karen Habib, Hispanic marketing director at Eclipse Marketing, a full-service marketing firm, believes that creating highly personalized marketing campaigns is the best way to attract and develop a loyal Hispanic customer base, according to Portada-Online.

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Habib advises clients targeting the Hispanic population that their advertisement must elicit an emotional response and display value to Hispanic customers. Displaying product value and directly targeting Hispanics are the best ways to do so. Hispanics, more than any other culture, want to know how a product directly benefits them, according to Habib.

"By customizing our message to their set of values, we will be more successful, and marketing budgets can be more efficiently spent," Habib told Portada Online.

"As the Hispanic market becomes more complex, direct marketing becomes that much more relevant - vital even to the marketing mix," she continued.

In 2009, the growth in spending within the Hispanic population was double that of the general market, according to a study from the Latinum Network. Hispanic consumers were responsible for 30 percent of the $40 billion growth in the U.S. food business.

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