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Marketing Expert Says Small Businesses Must Change With The Times

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 7/29/2011

According to one small business marketing guru, a few simple strategies can help your company compete effectively in any business environment.

While small business news has not been extremely positive over the past few months, marketing expert and founder of Managed Marketing Charles Gaudet said that business owners can adapt to become a competitor in any market.

Changing Times Impact on Business

Gaudet said that while people used to go to a friend, check the Yellow Pages or look for a newspaper ad when they wanted a service in the past, now the internet and a company's ability to find their potential customers is key.

"Today, it's critical to realize that your clients do have options and you have more competitors," Gaudet said, adding that businesses should take steps to become top dog in a local market. The first step would be to educate a market by giving a free sample, report or any kind of service as an introduction. He said this is the first step toward a business being recognized.

Other tips from Gaudet are to lead the market by becoming a trusted company by helping people get what they want or need and taking risk away by backing up products with a guarantee.

The Houston Chronicle's small business blog said to weather a tough economy, a company track everything it does with regard to advertising dollars, offer free trials to customers, put out a variety of things in a marketing campaign and provide the customer with multiple buying options and deals.

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