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Online Marketing Trends For 2010

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 1/11/2010

Riverside Marketing Strategies offers small business owners some insight on this year's top trends in online marketing.

As marketers prepare to start email and social media campaigns for the year, it might be good news for small business owners that Riverside Marketing Strategies has identified core trends for online marketing this year. The interactive consulting agency's president, Heidi Cohen, shared her insights with ClickZ.

Entrepreneur Marketing Payback

Cohen says that content will be more shareable this year. Entrepreneurs should be ready to distribute content through social media, third-party sites, widgets, smartphones, and more.

Post-purchase marketing will also be significant in 2010. As Americans still struggle with personal finances, offering consumers post-purchase support emails will increase the profitability of current customers. She advises entrepreneurs to think about how to add value to offerings with products that can be sold post-purchase.

There will also be a new sophistication to social media marketing. While 2009 was a time when SMBs felt productive simply creating a Twitter account or Facebook page, 2010 will be a time to increase efforts to maximize the efficacy of these tools. Entrepreneurs should focus on creating greater transparency of their brand across all of these platforms.

Fine-tuning social network campaigns could be an important strategy for small businesses, as eMarkter predicts that marketers will spend more than $2 billion on social media this year.

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