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SEO Guide Offers Tips For Small Business Marketers

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 10/13/2009

SEO marketers should be aware of meta-search engines like Nexplore.

The rapid growth of search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing could be a boon for small business owners who are savvy enough to experiment with search engines beyond Google, according to the SEO Marketing Guide, a nonprofit online resource.

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The guide provides this bit of technology news for small business owners: it's no longer sufficient to just plan SEO marketing for Google, largely due to the proliferation of "meta-search" engines like Nexplore.

While Google has long dominated the world of search engines, SEO professionals say the emergence of Microsoft's Bing and meta-search products that pull results from multiple search engines provide alternatives to Google and Yahoo.

"No matter how loyal users might be to Google, the bells and whistles present on Nexplore and Bing may be enough to woo any Google aficionado," according to SEO Marketing Guide.

In Nexplore, users can filter results by different viewing options and through personalization features.

Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are also developing stronger search functions, providing small business marketers with unique branding opportunities. Google and Microsoft are both looking at ways to bring Twitter comments into their search engines.

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