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Small Business Marketers Must Cater To What Audience Care About

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 8/1/2011

Marketing expert David Meerman Scott says that for small businesses, going viral is all about the message - not the product.

When small business magazine Inc. magazine asked David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist and author of Real-Time Marketing and PR about how to create a viral hit, he said businesses have to remember that "no one cares about your products."

Marketing Empathy

"[Businesses] need to instead be thinking about what the audience cares about," he told the magazine. "Egotistical people and companies tend not to be able to create these things."

Scott said in the Inc. story that with viral content, there is nothing that has become a hit just based off the product alone. Marketers need to think different when trying to make an online campaign become a huge success, according to Scott

Jeffery Harmon, head of marketing for Orabrush, told the magazine his big viral hit involved making a giant tongue and making people laugh about it. He said it was just a memorable symbol to talk about with friends and family.

The National Federation of Independent Business wrote on their website that for a message to be viral, it must be relevant, focused, short and to the point, formatted for forwarding ease and risk-free. The NIFB said the customers must stand to gain something by passing along a viral campaign, whether it be value, a laugh or something else.

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