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Small Business Marketing Trends For 2010

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 1/27/2010

Marketer Ivana Taylor shares marketing trend tips with entrepreneurs.

The new year brings new trends for the business world. Marketer Ivana Taylor might bring some good news to small business owners as she thinks the 2010 marketing campaign trends could bring new, low-cost opportunities for generating clients.

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Taylor spoke with Small Business Trends about how SMB owners can capitalize on simple trends to save and generate cash this year. She predicts do-it-yourself marketing will spike thanks to the ever-growing online tools that make it possible for an entrepreneur to handle marketing in-house.

She advises small businesses to figure out what marketing campaigns can be handled internally before they spend money hiring out. For small marketing firms, she suggests packaging expertise into online application to become part of the growing DIY market.

Taylor also emphasizes that green is the color of business this year. With Americans' increased efforts to get energy-efficient in the new decade, she says companies should emphasize how they are going green with products and practices.

While insincere promotional claims will backfire, a company that uses energy-saving light bulbs and recyclable packaging could advertise this to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, such practices will save small businesses cash.

Entrepreneurs can incorporate these ideas into their existing marketing plans for 2010, which reportedly heavily revolve around social media. According to eMarketer, small businesses will spend more than $2 billion on social network campaigns this year.

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