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Small Business Needs To Engage Brand Advocates

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 8/3/2011

Brand advocates are taking center stage in small business social media strategies says Lisa Barone, co-founder and chief branding officer at internet marketing company Outspoken Media.

While it may seem like obvious news for small businesses, brand advocates have become more important than ever with social media. Lisa Barone, co-founder and chief branding officer at internet marketing company Outspoken Media, said in a piece on Small Business Trends' website that small businesses need to dedicate times to their advocates.

Brand Advocates

Barone said this is important because brand advocates are power sharers, or people that are always on the cutting edge of new social media platforms. Getting to them means getting the businesses foot in the door in a new place. She writes that these advocates are already engaged and have the potential to bring an even bigger audience to a business.

Another big reason to communicate with brand advocates is that they're loyal, and they will continue to be loyal if the business is good to them. They also already love the business, which other people should notice over time.

Phil Mershon, a marketing consultant, said on the Social Media Examiner blog that brand advocates are important because they create information at a prolific rate, advocate and influence their friends and family on what to purchase and they are probably already talking about the company's brand if they like it.

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