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Social Networking Sites Are Popular Resource For Hiring And Recruitment

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 8/20/2009

Social networking websites have emerged as a popular resource for hiring managers in the recruitment process.

The explosive popularity of social networking - both in the consumer and business sphere - has in turn bred a boom in social media marketing, with businesses using Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter to market their products and build their company brand.

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Businesses have also discovered that these social networking sites can be valuable resources for more than just marketing, as many are using them for recruitment purposes, a recent survey found.

The latest CareerBuilder survey found that 45 percent of employers use social networking sites to research potential job candidates - an increase from last year's 22 percent.

Of those who do not currently use social media for that purpose, 11 percent plan to start doing so.

Facebook emerged as the most popular platform for screening job applicants, with 29 percent of hiring managers indicating that it is their website of choice, followed by LinkedIn at 26 percent and MySpace at 21 percent. Twitter ranked lower than blogs, used by 7 percent of respondents as opposed to 11 percent for blogs.

While the rapidly growing popularity of social media websites can be good news for small businesses in terms of marketing and recruitment, it may pose some issues for job seekers who have not been attentive to their social networking presence, experts say.

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