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Using Email Newsletters To Find Clients And Promote Business

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 1/25/2010

Email newsletters are affordable and effective ways to get clients clicking on your company's website.

For a small business, magazine-style newsletters can be a great way to promote products or services. Although the cost of producing print publications may not be worth it for many businesses, email is an efficient way to produce and distribute a publication, using widely accessible computer technology. News, for entrepreneurs with limited resources for widespread advertising, can provide a convenient occasion to send readers back to a company or store page.

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Digital marketing news website offers useful advice for small businesses looking to incorporate email newsletters into their marketing strategy. Businesses that already have email newsletters can also benefit from taking a closer look at how they use them.

The most important consideration for a business with a newsletter is to make sure that the content addresses readers. Information that is too focused on the company itself won't hold the attention of the typical customer. Any company should consider what topics will make their customers want to keep reading.

The format of a newsletter can make or break its success. A table of contents automatically shows readers what they stand to gain from scrolling down. Actual article headlines are better than static category titles, and adding summaries of each article is better still.

With today's consumers increasingly turning to electronic media for information, small businesses stand to gain from the affordability and ease of email newsletters. According to a study by 1&1 Internet, 40 percent of small businesses don't yet have an online presence - email is a great place to start.

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