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Opening a Baptist Church

Opening a Baptist church can get you on the path to an enjoyable and fulfilling future. It takes energy and tenacity to build a thriving Baptist congregation. We provide a friendly, comprehensive guide that may be key to your ultimate success.

Starting a Baptist church might not sound like a business venture but you need to treat it like one to be successful.
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Tips for Starting a Baptist Church

The fundamental driver of a good Baptist church is the pastor. If you plan on being the pastor for your new church, make sure you objectively assess your abilities and that you have what it takes to be a successful church leader.

Assuming you have a good pastor in mind, whether that's you or somebody else, it's important to have a place to meet. Most new churches cannot afford to buy a building so renting is a better option. In some cases, you may find a building owner who is willing to give you meeting space at no charge while you build your Baptist community.

Promoting and Funding a New Baptist Church

The next step is outreach. You need to get the word out about your ministry. Knocking on doors is often highly effective. Those who are in need of religious comfort are especially likely to be interested in your church. Offer bible study to attract new members, and make sure your services and sermons are highly compelling.

Your funding for a church will come from members primarily. As such, ask your members for financial support and explain clearly what that funding is intended for. Without a doubt, it's an uphill battle to start a church, but with hard work, and maybe a little help from above, you may be amazed at what's possible.

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