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Opening a Hebrew-Christian Church

Opening a Hebrew-Christian church can get you on the path to a spiritually rewarding future as long as you can attract a loyal and engaged congregation. We offer a friendly, comprehensive guide to improve your startup process.

Thinking about opening a Hebrew-Christian church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

Hebrew-Christian Church Characteristics

Hebrew-Christians or Jewish Christians are Christian believers who adhere to Jewish traditions and customs in the expression of their Christian faith. Historically, a synthesis of Jewish and Christian elements was common in the church until the 5th century. Today's Hebrew-Christian churches adhere to the core tenets of Christianity while attempting to maintain various Jewish religious customs.

The shape and structure of Hebrew-Christian churches is highly diverse. While some fall into the broad evangelical category of churches, others are cut from a more traditional Christian church mold.

Religious entrepreneurs in the Hebrew-Christian tradition have a full menu of church planting options. Independent Hebrew-Christian congregations are the norm, making it easier for church planters to launch new churches and exert control over the direction of their ministries.

Managing a Hebrew-Christian Church Plant Team

It takes teamwork to pull off a successful Hebrew-Christian church plant. Some church planters are skilled leaders with a background in creating and managing effective teams. But for many religious entrepreneurs, a church plant is their first exposure to team dynamics. Either way, team management techniques need to play a central role in your religious leadership strategy.

A good team leader knows how to bring out the best characteristics of his team. Clear communication and operational focus can go a long way toward helping your team function more efficiently. But you also need to understand each team member's personal strengths and weaknesses. If necessary, you should be prepared to mentor weak team members to help them reach their full potential.

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