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Opening an Orthodox Synagogue

Life as an entrepreneur rocks! Maybe you should open an orthodox synagogue. Success isnt guaranteed but we can increase the odds in your favor.

Thinking about opening an orthodox synagogue? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

Orthodox Synagogue

Orthodox Judaism in the U.S.

Orthodox Judaism is the most conservative branch of Judaism, existing independent of Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism. Most Orthodox Jews consider their tradition to be the only true expression of Judaism and go the great lengths to adhere to traditional Jewish beliefs and practices.

Yet there is also a diversity of religious expression within Orthodox Judaism, at least partially attributable to the fact that there is no central governing body within the Orthodox tradition. Instead, a multiplicity of parallel Orthodox Jewish organizations such as the Orthodox Union and Agaduth Israel serve rabbis and congregations within the tradition.

One approach for religious entrepreneurs interested in starting an Orthodox synagogue is to discuss their plans with their local rabbi. The lack of a central oversight body ultimately means that you will need the support and assistance of a local synagogue or Orthodox association to get a new synagogue off the ground.

Referral Marketing for Orthodox Synagogue Startups

Most religious startups rely on word of mouth to attract new followers. Word of mouth promotion is especially important for Orthodox startup entrepreneurs because the Orthodox Jewish community is exceptionally tight knit and skeptical of unknown religious opportunities.

Referral marketing will clearly be an essential element of your startup strategy. Although you can't entirely control the level of referrals your synagogue receives, there are many tactics and techniques you can implement to encourage conversations and elicit positive recommendations about your synagogue in the local Orthodox community.

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