August 6, 2020  
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There are strict rules that must be followed when operating a corporation. Failure to operate a corporation in accordance with state and federal laws can jeopardize limited liability protection, allowing creditors to pierce the corporate veil. We take a look at the requirements for running a company that has been formed as a corporation.

Operating a Corporation

  • Corporate Formalities - As a corporation, there are many corporate formalities that you must address. If you fail to follow the corporate formalities, you may lose your corporate status.and that's not the worst thing that can happen.
  • Dissolving a Corporation - Dissolution can be more complicated than corporate formation. Here's what you need to know about dissolving a corporation.
  • Relocating a Company to a New State - Relocating your company? If you are moving to another state, you'll need to look into a few corporate structure issues before you relocate the business.
  • Foreign Qualification - Your company may be required to qualify as a foreign corporation or foreign LLC before you do business in another state. Here's what you need to know about foreign qualification.
  • Corporate Records - Your corporation is legally required to maintain corporate records. But what does that really mean? And how should you organize your corporate records to stay within legal boundaries?
  • Minutes Regular Board Meeting - You don't have a choice you have to keep accurate minutes for your company's regular board meetings. We'll you how to record meetings that meet legal requirements and have a useful business purpose.

  • Notice Board Meeting - A corporate or nonprofit board meeting is on the horizon, but your work begins now. We'll tell you how to give proper notice a board meeting is about to occur and how to prepare for it.




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