August 14, 2020  
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Reporting on PR placements can be tricky. Your options for tracking PR replacements range from simple Google Alerts to paid clipping services that scour the news for PR mentions. We take a look at the various choices for PR clipping services and explain how to make the most of print, TV and radio clip services.

PR Clipping Services

  • Media Monitoring Services - How effective was your last PR campaign? If you aren't using media monitoring services, you probably can't answer that question with confidence. We've got the essentials every PR conscious business leader needs to know about this valuable PR measurement tool.
  • Press Clipping Services - If you're serious about PR, you've got to have a way to keep track of press clippings. There are more than enough press clipping services out there, but which ones are the best -- and more importantly, which ones are the best for your business?
  • Attributes of a Good Press Clipping Service - Looking for a high-quality press clipping service? You're not alone. But to find what you're looking for, you'll need more than good intentions--you'll need to know the key attributes of a good press clipping service.
  • Free Media Clipping Services - Looking for free media clipping services? Tracking PR placements doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. Free tools like Google Alerts notify you whenever your company is mentioned in the news.
  • Video Clipping Service - Your company CEO was on CNBC last night and now he wants you to track down a copy of the segment. You need a video clipping service, but you don't know how to find one. Here's some information on video clipping services to help you get started.




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