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Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar writes about entrepreneurial topics while he completes his Masters in Management degree at the ESCP-EAP European School of Management. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi, India.

Articles written by Rahul Kumar

Rahul enjoys writing about leadership, financial strategy, marketing strategy, business development and other topics of interest to entrepreneurs.

  • Communication and Leadership - Good leaders tend to be good communicators. We examine one of the most common traits for leaders: the ability to communicate in a meaningful and inspiring fashion.
  • Leadership - Talent By Birth or Skill? - What sparks an ordinary human to suddenly become a great leader? The key is to have a reason to lead and the willpower to translate a propensity to lead into real and effective leadership.
  • Political Climate and Strategic Position - Whether you are looking to assess the attractiveness of a new country or considering a strategic evaluation of your current activities, the political climate shall have a significant bearing on your business and therefore, should be appropriately analyzed before reaching any conclusions.
  • Recipe for Leadership - What does it take to lead? We look at why we have evolved into a society that needs leaders and what characteristics are typically in place before a leader can grab the leadership role.
  • Three Levels of Strategy - Strategy in business can be understood to be split into three different levels -- Corporate Unit level, Business Unit level and the Operational level, the main difference between them being due to their sphere of influence. A brief introduction to these levels is necessary for estimating the scope of strategy and the power it wields on various business and operational activities.
  • Understanding Strategic Position of Your Organization - Organizations are not isolated entities but operate in the context of an external environment. It is therefore imperative to not only evaluate oneself on an absolute scale but more so in relation with what is happening on the exterior.
  • Understanding the Need for an MBA - In today's highly competitive business environment, let's try and understand if acquiring a degree in management or business administration is an imperative qualification in one's professional armor.
  • What is Meant By Strategy? - We all have loosely played around with the term strategy in our daily lives without identifying the key features that are implicitly addressed in our usage. My aim here is to isolate the key aspects of strategy as they pertain to starting and running a business.


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