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Role of a Business Sign

Think business signs aren't very important? You might change your mind once you understand the important role business signs play in our modern economy.

Business signs have always been a fixture on the stage of small business.

Ever since the first Neanderthal hung a shingle outside his cave, small business owners have depended on custom signs to catch the gaze of the buying public. That's why it's ironic that a lot of small business owners don't put much thought into their signage. For some business owners it's good enough to just have something outside with the company name on it.

In today's competitive business climate you can't afford to ignore anything, especially your business sign. If you've fallen into the habit of neglecting your signage, maybe it's time to revisit the various roles your sign plays in your company.

Signs increase traffic.

As a small business owner, you should know that a well-designed business sign will drive traffic to your business. For customers who already know about your business, a sign can make it easier for them to locate your building. Other customers will notice your sign from the highway and be inspired to make an impulse purchase. Either way, your sign is working hard to send business your way.

Signs support marketing efforts.

Your sign is an extension of your marketing efforts. If you have carefully crafted your sign to reflect your marketing initiatives (and vice versa), it won't take long for people to connect your location and business with advertisements they have seen in print or broadcast mediums.

Signs communicate value.

In the mind of the average consumer, an attractive sign is an indication of a successful business while a worn or ugly sign is a signal that the business may be in decline. Take efforts to update your sign periodically and treat it as a matter of company pride.

Signs build buyer confidence.

In the same way that your sign communicates value, it also builds buyer confidence. If a potential customer is on the fence about your business, an unspectacular sign will send them packing, but a great sign will bring them through the front door.

Signs improve the community.

Your business sign is a visible representation of your company's place in the local community. Aesthetically pleasing and well-lit business signs enhance the neighborhood and tell the world that your company is a proud member of your community.

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