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Sample Phone Selling Scripts

Looking for a sample telesales script template? Great idea! Give your telephone sales staff a great sale call script and you will be on your way to a successful sales call campaign.

Providing your telephone sales staff with a great sale call script is critical to a successful sales call campaign.

Here's a sample telesales script template that we think will give you a headstart on the sales call scripting task.


"Is this Mr. Jones? Hi, this is Jane Gray with Manic Maids."

It's always a good idea to clearly identify yourself and your company in the opening. Don't misrepresent yourself by pretending you are conducting a survey of local business owners or by using a similarly deceptive approach. It will most likely backfire on you later in the call.

Statement & Interesting Question

"We're offering a deal right now on commercial cleanings. Have you ever worked with a cleaning company before?"

The statement and question are designed to tell the prospect why you are calling and create the momentum you need to carry the conversation to the next step. The idea is to use a question that catches them a little off guard and requires an answer you can leverage. A question that asks the prospect if they have experience using the product or service you offer can work well because it gives you a nice launching point for a discussion about your service or product.

The Offer

"Good, so you're already familiar with commercial cleaning services. Our services are similar to [the company they've used], but there are a few important differences."

When you introduce the offer, your goal isn't to overwhelm them with details, but to give them basic information like price, features, and other important terms. Ideally, the offer should naturally flow from the rest of the conversation and provide the prospect with an incentive to purchase your product instead of someone else's.

Overcome Objections

"I understand your concerns about cost. Cost was a concern for many of the other local companies we do business with, too. That's why we've designed small business packages that are both affordable and flexible."

Objections can cover a lot of territory. Although your script should include responses to the most common objections your sales reps encounter, they should always validate the prospect's concerns and present a way for him to justify a decision to purchase your product.

Trial Close

"So it sounds like our next step is to schedule a time for someone to come out and do an estimate, wouldn't you agree?"

The purpose of the trial close is to present a question that presupposes a positive response. The problem is that trial closes often end up sounding cheesy and unsophisticated. A question like, "You would definitely be interested in purchasing the best product at the lowest price, right?", sounds forced and artificial. Instead, you might want to consider using the trial close to introduce the next step in the process, which in this case is a site visit.

The Close

"Can we schedule your estimate for Friday?"

A good close asks for the desired result with precision and detail. Whether you are sealing the deal or moving them into a sales cycle, the point is that you need to give them enough information to take the next step.

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Have you had good success with phone selling scripts? We are always looking for new tips on phone selling. Please leave a comment below.

  • David Ajayi posted on 5/12/2010
    David Ajayi
    Great information. Precise too. Would you mind showing complete samples of scripts in your articles? I believe it would help to drive home the points.
  • Chris Yancey posted on 8/9/2010
    Chris Yancey
    Here are two additional sales phone script tips. The opening should have a check for interuption question like, "do you have a minute?" The close above can be answered with on simple "no" so it can be improved upon. The close should be a choice close such as, "would Thursday or Friday be better to schedule you for a demonstration and estimate?" This way you are not giving them an out; instead, you are giving them a choice. Hope this helps anybody out there who is working on the telephone sales call scripts!

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