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Telemarketing Call Scripts


Sample Telemarketing Script

Need an example of a call center script for appointment setting? This sample telemarketing script just needs a little customization and it should be good to go.

Looking for sample telemarketing scripts for appointment setting?
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Here's a call script for appointment setting that works reasonably well. You'll need to tweak the call script to suit your own purposes, but this example call script will give you a better start than starting with a blank piece of paper.

Hello _______. My name is [Your Name Here] and I am [Your Title] of [Your Company Name] . We [Insert Text Here That Explains What Your Company Does and The Value Proposition] .

I called you because [Insert the Call Rationale (e.g., I saw you in an article, I pass by your business from time to time, I heard of your business and was curious about it, I was referred to you, I found your business online, I came across your ad and it piqued my interest, I noted your business in our company database and the description sounded like an interesting fit for what we do, I have heard of your business and been impressed by ____, etc.)] Is this a bad time?

I called to ask, what is your familiarity with [Insert Your Service or Product Here]?

If no familiarity:

Here's how it works. [Explain what you do and highlight the potential value]. Is that something that you think might be helpful?

If familiar:

It's nice to hear that you are already familiar with what we do. Is it something you've considered and do you see potential value in it?

After some discussion, attempt to set an appointment:

It sounds like there might be some value in your learning more about this. Because of the very personal nature of our approach, I would like to meet with you for 25 minutes to discuss your business and determine if there is a fit. I have time either___________ or _________, which would you prefer?

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Do you think this example telemarketing script is an effective call script for appointment setting? How would you suggest that it be improved? We welcome your tips and questions regarding telemarketing scripts.

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