August 12, 2020  
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Telemarketing tips galore! We teach you how to create a telemarketing program, build your own call center out, what to look for in a telemarketer, and what it takes to effectively sell by phone. Whether you're interested in lead generation, appointment setting or want to close sales by phone, this telemarketing advice is invaluable.


  • Telemarketing Service Costs - What does it cost to hire a telemarketing firm? Here's what you can expect in terms of some baseline costs.
  • Sample Telemarketing Script - Need an example of a call center script for appointment setting? This sample telemarketing script just needs a little customization and it should be good to go.
  • Cold Calling Clients Is There Ever a Good Time? - If you're thinking of including cold calling as part of your marketing strategy ask yourself first about how you personally feel about getting such calls from strangers. Do you consider them a mild nuisance or a real intrusion? Is there ever a good time to cold call?
  • Telemarketing Success Rate - Telemarketing is a tough business and it can be difficult to know success when you see it. So what kinds of numbers are typical for a telemarketing success rate?
  • Telemarketing Tips - Compared to other sales pros, telemarketers experience low success rates. Here a few telemarketing tips to help boost call conversions and improve your overall telemarketing strategy.
  • Telemarketing Techniques - Cold calling is a lot tougher when you aren't equipped with the right skill set. We'll give you the essential telemarketing techniques your company needs to be successful at cold calls in a B2B or B2C telemarketing environment.

  • Telemarketing Scripts - A good telemarketing script can make all the difference in a successful telemarketing strategy. More importantly, it can make your life (and the lives of your telemarketers) a whole lot easier.
  • When to Bring Telemarketing In-House - Outsourcing your telemarketing is easy, but it may not be the best business move. Here are some tips about knowing when it's time to bring your telemarketing activities in-house.
  • Telemarketing Rates - For a lot of companies, in-house telemarketing is impractical and cost-prohibitive. Outsourcing offers a viable alternative, but what kind of telemarketing rates can you expect to pay in today's market?




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