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Sandler Sales Training

When is sales training more than just sales training? When it's Sandler sales training – a comprehensive approach to equipping your sales team with the skills they need to achieve real world results.

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to maintain a big picture perspective of the marketplace.

Business leaders that suffer from tunnel vision don't survive long in today's cutthroat business climate.

Now image what would happen if you were able to instill that same big picture perspective into your sales managers and sales team members. A more rounded sales division is better equipped to exploit opportunities in the marketplace and is more competent in landing the kinds of clients other sales teams can only dream about.

Sandler sales training is designed to educate salespeople and sales managers in a broad range of sales-related areas. Their approach emphasizes two themes: Creating lasting performance improvement and providing ongoing reinforcement training that solidifies lessons learned.

In addition to offering sales training programs at locations throughout the nation, Sandler also provides training for a variety of sales-related topics, each one designed to create a more competent and well-rounded sales force. Here are just some of the training programs you'll find at Sandler.

  • Sales. Sandler's participant-centered training sessions are partly motivational and partly instructional. They are designed to give your sales force knowledge and understanding of sales topics as they relate to your company's unique business model and selling environment. Sessions are exercise-rich, giving participants the opportunity to practice their sales techniques in a supervised context.
  • Negotiations. Negotiation and successful selling go hand in hand. Sandler's negotiation training programs give your people the ability to understand the other person's point of view and take control of the negotiation process to increase the odds of a win-win outcome.
  • Leadership. Leadership is an essential skill of a results-based sales team. Sandler's leadership training programs help sales managers and sales professionals refine their leadership skills by addressing critical topics like communication, goal-setting and workforce motivation.
  • Assessment. As a way to more accurately indentify each team member's strengths and weaknesses, Sandler offers individual assessment tools that can be used to shape training curricula and maximize the return on your sales training investment.
  • Coaching. Like Rome, successful salespeople aren't made overnight. Sandler's sales coaching program provides ongoing, one-on-one training for key salespeople and sales managers.

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