December 4, 2020  
  Business Information for Silver Ore Mining  
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Silver Ore Mining

Silver Ore Mining aren't as ubiquitous as some other kinds of businesses that dominate the nation's shopping malls. Still, across the entire nation, there are more than 10 Silver Ore Mining. Based on some simple math, it appears that each one of those Silver Ore Mining serves about 30,000,000 citizens on average. According to national labor statistics, Silver Ore Mining will typically employ 1 to 4 employees. As such, Silver Ore Mining play an important role in the national economy.

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States with Silver Ore Mining
(Ordered by # per 100,000 Residents)

  State Businesses Businesses per 100K Residents
1. Idaho 7 0.54
2. Nevada 1 0.05
3. Washington 2 0.03
4. Arizona 1 0.02

Number of Silver Ore Mining by Number of Employees
(Data for Entire United States)

RangeNumber of Employees
1 to 46
5 to 91
10 to 191
20 to 490
50 to 990
100 to 2493
250 to 4990
500 to 9990
1000 or more0

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