August 5, 2020  
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When starting a business, location plays an important role. Different locations come with their own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing a business location is thus a very important decision for new entrepreneurs.

We offer location-specific advice for new entrepreneurs, feature location-specific entrepreneur resources, and explore the role of location when starting a company.

Location and Starting a Business

  • Starting a Business in Kansas - How do you start a business in Kansas? The Kansas Small Business Development Center is available to meet your entrepreneurial needs.
  • Starting a Business in Alabama - How do you start a business in Alabama? The Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network can help.
  • Choosing the Location for Your Technology Company - We provide 50 reasons why Chicago is the best city to locate technology companies.
  • Why Environment Impacts Success - An entrepreneur's personal and professional environment has an immense impact on their ability to succeed. Placing yourself in a positive environment will help give you the motivation and access to resources you need to see your start-up succeed.
  • Starting a Business in a Small Town - Many aspiring entrepreneurs fear starting up businesses in small towns because they feel there is no room to grow or be profitable. We discuss the benefits of starting up your business in a small community and offer advice on what to be careful of when starting a business in a small town.
  • Starting the Right Business for Your Location - You always hear about how the location of a business can make or break that business. But what if you have limited business location choices and no definitive business idea yet? How do you choose the right business?

  • Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Location - Why is location important? What factors influence where businesses decide to start? This article will provide answers on what to look for in a location when you start your business.
  • Choosing the Right Location for Business - Location is touted as being the most important ingredient required in starting a successful business. This may certainly not apply to all types of business but for some there is nothing more important. What are the aspects an entrepreneur needs to consider in terms of a prospective business location?
  • Houston, Texas: A Haven for Small Business Entrepreneurs - First-rate infrastructure and a friendly business environment are just a few of the reasons why Houston has become one of the most attractive U.S. cities for small business startups.




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