Becoming a Religious Entrepreneur

Starting a Full Gospel Church

Ready to break into the entrepreneurial ranks? Maybe you should open a Full Gospel church. We've gathered advice, strategies, and tactics that have worked well for other entrepreneurs.

Thinking about opening a Full Gospel church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

Elements of a Full Gospel Church

The Full Gospel church is more of a movement than a denomination. Charismatic by nature, Full Gospel churches are committed to presenting what they consider to be the "full gospel" to the world, which includes signs and wonders in the form of healings, glossolalia and miracles.

The Full Gospel label has been applied to a number of organizations that serve the community of Full Gospel believers. The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship is a business association for men who share a commitment to Full Gospel faith and spirituality. But more recently, Full Gospel Baptist Church International has attempted to provide centralized support for Full Gospel churches and ministers.

Full Gospel churches are usually non-denominational and present low barriers to entry for new pastors and ministries. As a prospective church planter, it will be relatively easy to start a Full Gospel church. However, the Full Gospel label means different things to different people, so before you include it in your church's name, you'll need to be confident it sends the right message to your local community.

Planning a Full Gospel Church Startup

Full Gospel church planters are notorious for glossing over planning requirements in church planting. Rather than investing the necessary time and effort to coordinate their church launch, many Full Gospel religious entrepreneurs strike out on a wing and a prayer -- and subsequently pay the price when their new church fails to grow as quickly as they had hoped.

Strategic planning is a must for religious startups, including Full Gospel church plants. Although you can't predict every hurdle you will encounter, a carefully crafted strategic plan can keep your church plant on track when unexpected circumstances arise. More importantly, a strategic plan serves as a roadmap that you and your support team can use to maintain unity and focus throughout the startup phase.

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