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The Ecumenical Nature of the UCC

Given its history, it's not surprising that the United Church of Christ is possibly the most ecumenical Protestant denomination in the U.S. The UCC has roots in several congregational, evangelical and reformed denominations as well as Lutheranism. Subsequently, the United Church of Christ is in full communion with multiple Protestant denominations and emphasizes ecumenism as a denominational priority.

In keeping with the denomination's acceptance of plural religious views, individual congregations are free to determine their own views on doctrine and ministry, and to be the deciding factor in the hiring of clergy. However, the ordination of clergy is a right that is reserved by the United Church of Christ denomination itself. In most other matters, governance is conducted through a combination of congregational and denominational polity.

Marketing a UCC Church

Marketing campaigns play a role in the UCC. Remember the "God Is Still Speaking" ads that ran a few years ago? "Still Speaking" was a denominational marketing campaign that met with mixed responses from UCC congregations. But it was a good example of how the UCC denomination -- as well as United Church of Christ congregations -- can leverage marketing as a tool for growth.

As you progress in your UCC church planting efforts, you will eventually need to create and fund a marketing plan. The small business community relies on strategic marketing to communicate key messages to consumers and understands the vital connection between marketing plans and desired outcomes. If you're new to marketing, consider exploring how non-religious entrepreneurs have used marketing strategies to advance their organizational missions.

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