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Starting an Anglican Church

If you plan on starting an Anglican church, step one is defining a vision for your congregation and thinking through the growth plan for your church.

This article includes many relevant tips on starting an Anglican church.
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The Anglican Church

Anglicanism's roots are found in the Church of England, which was founded by King Henry VIII in 1534 after he was not given permission to divorce by the Catholic Church. The Anglican Church itself is a much more recent phenomenon, resulting in part from disagreements regarding the evolving direction of traditional Anglican churches, most notably Espiscopalian churches.

Today, Anglican churches are being formed at a rapid rate. Indeed, there is a project called Anglican 1000, initiated by the Anglican Church in North America, that is aggressively "planting" new Anglican churches.

If you are interested in starting an Anglican Church, this is good news. There's has been a concerted effort to amass best practices and common tools for creating a thriving Anglican Church. Like any startup project, there are many risks associated with getting a new organization off the ground. With guidance from the Anglican 1000 project, you will find that many of those risks have been addressed, which greatly increases your chances of creating a new, successful church.

Process for Creating a New Anglican Church

The first step is getting approved to function as a church planting leader. From there, a coach is assigned to you to mentor you through the process. You will complete a Church Planting Toolkit, participate in the Church Planter's Incubator and, among other things, attend Church Planters Training. As a final step towards starting the process of forming a new Anglican church, you will write a business plan for your church and submit it to the Church Planting Mission Group.

You will learn how to start a church from scratch, going from no members, no money and no staff to running a thriving Anglican Church. This includes detailed guidance on raising funds, creating a team to help you, planning services, evangelizing your new church and rapidly developing a growing membership. The Anglican 1000 project ensures that you will never feel alone as you work to start a church in your area.

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