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Starting an Evangelical Church

Starting an Evangelical church is a rewarding experience but it's important to plan out the startup process in detail before you start. We provide a few secrets that may be key to your ultimate success.

Thinking about opening an Evangelical church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.
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Why are Evangelical Church Plants So Popular?

There are several reasons why evangelical churches are popular with religious entrepreneurs and church planters. By definition, evangelicals are theologically conservative Christians who are intensely concerned about sharing their faith with others. So from day one, evangelical church planters have a core group of believers who are committed to sharing their church with acquaintances, friends and family members.

Evangelical churches also represent a rapidly growing segment of the spiritual marketplace. Evangelicals currently represent more than a quarter of all Americans, surpassing Roman Catholics as the largest religious demographic in the nation.

Finally, evangelical churches are often independent, autonomous congregations that ordain their own clergy. While denominations limit the ability of religious entrepreneurs to launch new churches (or at least maintain a certain amount of control over the process), evangelical churches encourage new ministry works and give church planters a high degree of control over the process.

Charisma: A Vital Ingredient in an Evangelical Church Plant

Evangelical pastors are known for being extremely charismatic individuals. Although you don't have to be capable of charming the socks off everyone you meet, evangelicals expect their pastors to be warm, friendly and social.

As an evangelical church planter, charisma is a skill that you will need to acquire early in your career. For better or worse, many prospective evangelical church attenders base their church loyalties exclusively on the personality of the pastor and leadership team.

Learning how to develop charisma isn't as difficult as it sounds. Much of it revolves around your ability to put people at ease and to demonstrate a genuine interest in the people you serve. A quick wit and a good sense of humor are also useful personality traits that can enhance your reputation in the congregation and local community.

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