TV Advertising

The Advantages of TV Advertising

Written by Rayzelle Forrest Young for Gaebler Ventures

Discusses the advantages of tv advertising and it's effect on the audio and visual senses of viewers.

The power of tv advertising is unquestionable.

Advantages of Television Advertising

Using this medium for promoting your business makes use of both the audio and visual senses. This helps potential customers to retain information better and remember the message that you have put forth in your television commercial. Using tv advertising also affords you the ability to brand your business by making different commercials that carry the same theme. This will further enhance memory retention for your target audience and help build brand recognition. Listed below are the advantages of using tv advertising to promote your business.

Appeals To The Masses

Since so many types of individuals watch tv for different reasons, using tv advertising has mass appeal. Some watch tv to catch their favorite sports shows, television dramas, comedy shows, news and entertainment. People of all ages and ethnic backgrounds tune in to their favorite television shows, which means there are an enormous variety of viewers. This alone makes tv advertising a very cost effective medium to promote your business.


For the most part, if a commercial is created well, television viewers will come to like and look forward to seeing it. Take the Super Bowl for instance. Every year people tune in to the Super Bowl to watch not only the game but the commercials as well. Individuals have grown accustomed to seeing entertaining and creative television commercials. By developing graphically entertaining advertisements that include appealing dialogue, business owners are able to create a loyal following of consumers that will buy their products.

Intrusive Effect

Being intrusive is generally viewed as a bad thing but not in the world of tv advertising. Commercials come on right in the middle of your favorite program and usually when the program is at a point where it is just getting good. Although some will turn the tv when commercials come on, intruding on viewers in this way forces most people to sit through the tv ads in order not to miss the beginning of the show. This provides the advertising company with a captive audience.

Individual Viewing Habits

Studies show that in general, individuals watch television approximately 4-½ hours a day. This provides a sufficient amount of time for tv advertisers to expose their business commercials to viewers multiple times. The more viewers see your ads the more they will remember your products or services.

It is not hard to see the advantages of tv advertising. The audio and visual effect coupled with well created ads will increase viewer retention of your business name and products or services. This translates into brand recognition and ultimately greater profits for your company.

Rayzelle is an entrepreneur and writer. Based on her experiences as an owner of her own dance studio, she will share her personal tips on being a successful entrepreneur.

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