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Why It Sucks To Be Your Own Boss


Top Ten Reasons Not To Be Your Own Boss

I want to be my own boss. Really? Don't be so sure about that.

Being your own boss is no cup of tea.
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In honor of Boss's Day 2009 (October 16), here are the top 10 reasons why it sucks to be a boss:

Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks To Be Your Own Boss

#10. People mistake you for Bruce Springsteen, the other Boss.

#9. When employees go postal, guess who's on their Most Wanted list?

#8. You can no longer say "My boss sucks!" at cocktail parties.

#7. Form 941, I-9s, SS-4s, SS-5s, W3s, Form 1096, WH-381s, Form 1120 are we having fun yet?

#6. The buck doesn't stop "there" anymore.

#5. There's nobody above you to flirt with you, so you can't sue anybody for sexual harassment.

#4. 50% of startup businesses don't make it. You're just a coin flip away from failure.

#3.The fantasy of saying "@#$% you! I quit!!" is no longer relevant.

#2. If people are nice to you, it's probably just because they want a raise.

#1. You'll probably get no gifts for Boss's Day. Does anybody really like their boss?

There you have it the Top Ten Reason Why Being Your Own Boss Ain't No Picnic.

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Any other good reasons why it sucks to be a boss? Why it sucks to own your business?

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