August 3, 2020  
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Starting a business can be an exciting venture offering many rewards. However, you must be prepared and you must understand the basics.

Starting Your Business

  • The Benefits of Starting Small - Everyone has big dreams for their business, but is trying to start as big as possible the right thing to do? Believe it or not, there are benefits to starting small and then building the business to all it can be.
  • Humble Beginnings: Start a Small Business - We all dream big, but perhaps starting small is the key to entrepreneurship. Read about some of the giant companies that started small and why that might be the best business tactic for you.
  • Doing Right While Doing Business - Business is viewed by some as a necessary evil to generate a profit. Today's businesses and entrepreneurs, however, are approaching business as a new way to do social good while generating profits.
  • eBay Entrepreneurs - Are internet auctions your ticket to starting a profitable new business or boosting revenues for your existing business? We think the recent eBay entrepreneurs phenomenon holds many lessons for all entrepreneurs.
  • Starting a Business With an Invention - When you invent a product or an idea in order to make a profit, you are potentially providing customers with something unique. It is then that your invention can serve as a business model based upon your creativity.
  • 5 Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire - Way too much has been said about how to become a millionaire. A lot of people have spoken about it, read books and ultimately, take no action. Here are 5 simple ways you can get back on track and just do it.

  • Constructing a Business Model - Business models are the foundation and core of what determines your business’ success or failure. Using the 7 questions below will help you articulate and analyze what your business model is, how it is constructed, and methods to improve it.
  • A Case Study in Industry-Changing Entrepreneurship - Free MLS listings? Are you nuts? Learn how a game-changing entrepreneur is taking on the real estate industry.
  • How to Start a Brand New Business Without ANY Money - Start-up costs of a new business can be EXTRAORIDINARY…but they don't have to be. Follow the simple tips provided by this article to get your business up and running and making money even if you have nothing to invest other than passion and a strong desire to succeed.
  • How to Become an Entrepreneur - Almost everyone has thought about becoming an entrepreneur, fulfilling the dream, but for many the reality is they never even take a step towards entrepreneurship, it only stays a thought and a dream.
  • The 2-Minute You - The 2-Minute You is an exercise to help you identify who you are, what you want to do, what you’re good at, and help you find an entrepreneurial path that will help you leverage your skills & knowledge and help you follow your interests & passions.
  • Time Value of Money Businesses - When starting a business, making smart choices on your business model is critical. In considering the best businesses to start, you may want to look for business concepts that profit from the time value of money.
  • Start With The Problem - Too many entrepreneurs get excited about their feature rich products that they lose sight of the critical issue at hand. What is the problem?
  • What Type of Business Entity Should You Form? - Business used to be seen as the necessary evil to generate a profit, however today’s businesses and entrepreneurs are approaching business as a new means to do social good while generating profits.
  • When to Quit the Day Job - When starting a business, it's wise to keep your day job. But eventually you get to the point when it's time to cut the cord. We discuss how you can know when it's time to quit the day job and focus on your business full-throttle.
  • Do You Really Need A Business Plan? - Investors usually don’t read them, they are based on future assumptions that never materialize, and they take a lot of work to put together, so are business plans required when starting your own business?
  • Recurring Revenue Business Models - Starting a business? Buying a business? If so, there's one question that you absolutely must ask. Does your new venture have a recurring revenue business model? If not, you might want to go back to the drawing board and look at other options.
  • Lessons from Parking Lot Economics 101 - Opening a parking lot is a great business. That's one takeaway from this article. But, more importantly, perhaps you will think differently about starting a business after giving this article a quick read.
  • Industries That Porter Would Recommend - Michael Porter has provided a fundamental framework to evaluate and analyze opportunities to generate a profit within a given industry. Using Porters own 5, we evaluate industries that have the highest criteria for each of Porters 5 forces and review how you can use Porters 5 to identify opportunities to start a business.
  • Characteristics of a Perfect Business - How do you build the perfect business? What strategies do you need? This article explains the critical factors and strategies you need to have in order to build your successful business.Business used to be seen as the necessary evil to generate a profit, however today’s businesses and entrepreneurs are approaching business as a new means to do social good while generating profits.
  • Before Writing Your Business Plan - Here are four steps to starting your business that get you ready to write your business plan.
  • Top 10 Reasons Not To Be Your Own Boss - I want to be my own boss. Really? Don't be so sure about that. In honor of Boss's Day, here are the Top 10 Reasons Not to Become an Entrepreneur and Be Your Own Boss.
  • Business Model Fixes - You’ve launched your business, are following your business strategy, but your business model is failing, what should you do?
  • Top Ten Tips for New Entrepreneurs – Part Two - Here are ten practical tips to help new entrepreneurs get off to a good start in business. This is realistic advice that works without quelling the fledgling entrepreneur's natural enthusiasm. From cash flow to mentors, this guide is an essential for the beginner.
  • When to Become an Entrepreneur - Those of us who have the itch to start our own businesses ask themselves, when should I do it? Many feel that working in the workplace for several years to gain experience would benefit them as an entrepreneur later.
  • Common Myths About Starting a Business - Entrepreneurs often believe myths that cause them to have doubts while starting a business. We debunk common myths about entrepreneurship so you can successfully start a business without letting anything get in the way.
  • Do You Need an MBA to Start A Business? - Entrepreneurs come from a vast array of different backgrounds. Many have doctoral degrees, some just high school degrees, and some have MBA’s. Many want to be entrepreneurs see getting an MBA a means to learning how to launch there own business, but there are many gaps between what you’ll learn in business school and what you’ll need to know to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Success is Standing Out, Not Fitting In - Fitting in with the crowd is often the norm because it is the easy thing to do, but taking a firm stand, by standing out from the crowd will provide your business with the attention you need to be successful.
  • Factors Influencing Promotional Mix - A small enterprise owner who intends to embark on business promotion must know what components of the same will be most effective in helping him/her achieve the desired agenda. It is quite challenging to know what proportions of advertising, sales promotion, or indeed personal selling will combine perfectly for success. The said combination is what is referred to as the promotional mix. What factors must be assessed so as to get this mix right?
  • Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business - Releasing yourself from the boss who doesn't seem to get you and the opportunity to be the master of your own destiny are some of the attractive aspects of starting a business of your own. But, as appealing as it seems, not every personality type is a good fit for self-employment.
  • eBay Advantages of Dropshipping - The eBay seller and the dropshipping service go hand in hand. By eliminating up front product costs and management of shipping the eBayer can run a lucrative business that eliminates the stock and delivery problems that thwart many a bricks and mortar operative.
  • Top Five Tips for Business Readiness - While your enthusiasm to start doing business is a good thing, it's worth making sure you're ready to do so. These five tips will help.
  • The New Entrepreneur - What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Sometimes even the most 'entrepreneurial' types don't realise that the word defines them.
  • How Not to Charge Your Customers - Firms like Facebook and Twitter are rigorously scrutinized in the media for not charging their users access to these platforms. Many critics argue that since both social platforms have millions of users, they should be able to charge a few dollars for every user and generate hundreds of millions in revenue. We’ll analyze what would happen if they did charge their customers and what you can learn from how to properly charge your customers if you provide free services.
  • When Passion Isn't Enough - There’s no question passion is a requirement for any entrepreneur, but we also know that passion alone is not enough to create a successful business. This article discusses how passion can be both your saving grace and your troubling companion as one entrepreneur shares her story of the challenges.
  • Profits vs. Passion - Passion is the primary ingredient for any entrepreneur to succeed, but focusing on passion alone will not guarantee success. Avoiding the blindness that can be associated with a strong passion and identifying profitable opportunities can help align your passions with the right business opportunities that provide you with greater probability for success.
  • The Success of Unplanned Entrepreneurs - Some entrepreneurs plan, plan, and plan until they have a business plan that can raise venture capital and validate many assumptions about their business. Many other entrepreneurs forego detailed planning and move forward on a hunch and instinct that they can offer something better to the market. Many of these "unplanned" entrepreneurs have created some of the most successful firms within their respective markets.
  • Extra Income When You Need It - In the current economy everyone, even entrepreneurs, are looking for opportunities to earn extra cash. Put your entrepreneurial knowledge to work with these easy tips for earning extra cash.
  • Jaw Dropping Facts You Might Be Overlooking During Start-up - Thinking about starting a business? Don't take one more step before reading this article. Here are some simple and constructive tips for would-be entrepreneurs. Avoid failing at your start-up venture!
  • More Jaw Dropping Facts You Might Be Overlooking During Start-up - Thinking about starting a business? Don't take one more step before reading this article. Here are some simple and constructive tips for would-be entrepreneurs. Avoid failing at your start-up venture!
  • Finding the Right Time to Launch Your Business - You want to launch your amazing business idea, but you are not sure about the timing. Perhaps it is economic, personal, or social issues that are holding you back. But if now isn't the right time, when is?
  • Business Advice: Knowing What's Sound and What's Rubbish - When starting a business, you will be given business advice from everyone who thinks they know everything about your business situation. So what is legitimate advice and what isn't?
  • Turnkey Business Opportunities - Have you spotted a turnkey business opportunity and wondered if you should take it? If you have, there are signs to look for that an opportunity is a great one and signs that it isn't.
  • Growing Opportunities for Solopreneurs - All over the news from the WSJ to the local town paper, solopreneurs is the new career for many. Solopreneurship is exactly what it sounds like, a 1-person company that leverages their skill sets to open their own business.
  • Checklist for Starting a Small Business – Part 1 - In the rush to start a small business entrepreneurs do make some personal or business errors of oversight. Some of these errors/oversights may remain undiscovered during the early stages of the business but when wanting situations crop up the business owner may be caught flatfooted.
  • Checklist for Starting a Small Business – Part 2 - Starting a small business is a process that requires much thought owing to the rigorous preparations and many details that must all be addressed. What are some of these critical aspects that the entrepreneur must address before he/she opens shop?
  • Ten Reasons to Keep Your Business Start-up Lean - Starting a business need not be an expensive affair. In fact, small businesses start with almost nothing. Here are some quick pointers why you should keep your business start-up lean
  • Business Evaluations That Work - Before you go into business you need to evaluate, in theory, how effective your business idea will be in reality. These questions will help you form an evaluation of your proposed concept before you risk time, effort and money investing in it.
  • Changing Your Startup Business Model - Very few entrepreneurs get their first business model exactly right the first time. One attribute that helps elevate successful entrepreneurs is the ability to notice when change in a business model is necessary and making those changes
  • Dividing Equity Stake - There are a lot things that happen in the middle from forming your corporation to being bought out and one of the most sensitive and often times most frustrating experiences occur at the very beginning when it comes down to deciding what the equity division will be among founders.
  • Planning in Business Management - Planning in business management is ideally no more different than what is done for other aspects in life. As a business owner you need to know what you have to achieve in the present and what you want for the business in the future. More than that, you have to know when, how, and who will do what you have in mind.
  • Revenue Models vs Business Models - When it comes to the difference between revenue models and business models, some entrepreneurs get confused yet the subtle difference between the two is what separates the successful companies from the competition.
  • Handling a Difficult Customer - Highlights techniques to use when encountered by a difficult customer.
  • Aspects of Planning in Running a Business - Planning in business is one of the four facets of management, the others being organizing, leading and controlling/coordinating. Effective planning entails carrying out specific tasks in different but related activities crucial to the business.
  • Three Reasons to Jump on the Entrepreneur Bandwagon - Work/income decisions are at the forefront of many people's minds following the credit crunch. As the US and the UK adjust to a joint political working environment the entrepreneur bandwagon is ready to take passengers.
  • From Customer to Entrepreneur - Using your 'customer's eye' can stand you in good stead when you're setting up a business. Doing so will help you better understand your client's needs and keep in touch with things at grass roots level.
  • From Entrepreneurial Idea to Tangible Business - Big strides are needed to transform a notion into a functioning and profitable business. Sometimes the leap is a wide one. On your marks, get set, go!
  • Simple Steps to Define a Business Concept - The first move every entrepreneur takes in starting a new business should be in defining that business concept so that it can be clearly understood and pursued.
  • The Multi Tasking Entrepreneur - Early conditioning teaches us to take small tentative steps, one at a time. Sometimes though the entrepreneur needs to branch out in mnay directions to get the job done. Chaotic or practical? You decide.
  • Starting A Business - Starting a business isn't as easy as it sounds. There's a lot of information out there about how to launch a small business, but we'll tell you what you need to do before you hang a shingle and open your door for business.
  • Startup A Successful Business - Wondering how to startup a successful business? Every business is unique, but the most successful small businesses share several essential elements that will give your business the edge it needs for long-term growth and profitability.
  • Pros and Cons of Owning a Business - The pros and cons of owning a business should be thoroughly evaluated before you decide to become an entrepreneur. We examine the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business.
  • Starting a Business in 2011 - Going into 2011, new business startups will face a crowded marketplace. Here's how to help your startup survive and thrive in this year's competitive business environment.




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