August 3, 2020  
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As a small business owner, the success of your business is closely tied to how well-trained your employees are. We take a look at best practices for worker training, including everything from brown bag lunches to creating an organizational culture that values learning and offers extensive training opportunities to employees.

Training Workers

  • Brown Bag Lunches - Improve workplace dynamics by offering brown bag workshops and events. Your employees will appreciate your concern and they will become better employees in the process.
  • Encourage Reading at Work - By encouraging your employees to read, you are encouraging them to improve. Reading can help employees at all levels and can have great benefits for your company.
  • Professional Vs Personal Development - What is the difference between Professional and Personal Development? How do you simultaneously focus on both? Is that even possible?
  • Creating a Learning Organization - Creating a learning organization requires a deep rethinking of the leader's role. Small business owners must see themselves as learning leaders, responsible for helping their employees develop the capacity to carry out their mission.
  • Employee Training - In business, it is generally assumed that employee training programs are a good investment. However, rising costs are causing some business leaders to rethink that assumption. Like any other investment, training programs need to prove their worth in order to survive.
  • Benefits of Employee Cross-Training - Wondering how your business benefits from cross training? We take a look at why cross-training is the right HR decision for your company.

  • Starbucks Training Program - Whether you're a Starbucks fan or not, the Starbucks employee training provides valuable lessons for training business employees.
  • Business Training Games - Business training games help training attendees pay attention. Here are some training games that should be in your training toolkit.
  • Employee Training Tracking Software - Employee training tracking and management software lets you keep track of your employee's training schedules. It's a must-have for organizations that value training their workers.
  • The Value of Training the Trainer - Training the trainer is a popular trend in employee training. That's because a good training program can't live up to its full potential if there are not enough qualified trainers.
  • Tips for Employee and Management Trainers - So you're in charge of training folks at the company? In that case, these tips for employee and management trainers will come in handy.




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