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Use AdSense Channels to Increase AdSense Revenues

AdSense revenue optimization starts with the ability to measure cause and effect. When it comes to AdSense, channels are one of the most effective tools for determining what works and what doesn't.

AdSense has the potential to transform your content site into a profit-generating machine.

With a few simple steps, Google ads will quickly begin to appear on your site, putting money in your bank account every time a user clicks or views an ad.

The most profitable online publishers are constantly looking for new ways to maximize the amount of revenue they receive from AdSense ads. A little change here . . . A minor tweak there . . . Seemingly small modifications can translate into higher click rates and more revenue for the site.

The challenging part is separating the modifications that lead to higher conversions from the ones with little or no lasting value. Fortunately, Google makes it easy for publishers to compare the effectiveness of ad changes with channels, an analysis tool that lets you track every change you make to the ads that appear on your website.

Google Channels

Channels simply offer more detailed analysis about the effectiveness of your AdSense program than you'll get from general revenue reports. You can establish channels to monitor sections of your site or even specific ads within the site. Each channel will monitor AdSense performance according to impressions, CTR, CPM, and earnings stats. There are two types of channels you may want to consider. URL channels generate domain, sub-domain, and page-specific reports, and are appropriate for monitoring the overall effectiveness of your site. Custom channels, on the other hand, offer a greater level of detail by tracking the impact of specific ad placements.

Channels Testing Tips

  • Experimentation. Channels give web publishers a safe platform for ad experimentation. Since you can measure the impact of even small ad changes, it's easy to experiment with your ads to find the right formula for success on your site or on pages within your site.
  • Predictability. One of the frustrating aspects of any ad program is that it's impossible to predict the outcomes of proposed changes. Although channels don't completely eliminate the unpredictability factor, they mitigate its impact on revenue by giving you the ability to test changes before implementing them throughout the site.
  • Identification. When you create a custom channel, it's important to label it with verbiage that makes it identifiable later. Without detailed descriptions, it will be impossible to manage a multichannel strategy that monitors several ads within in a single site.

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