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Video editing software has the potential to equip your business with the tools you need to produce eye-catching business videos. But which video editing software features are standard for businesses and which ones can your company live without?

More and more small businesses are using videos as a way to attract new customers, educate their workforce and create a powerful online presence.

But the road to quality business videos involves a lot more than a good idea and a digital video camera. You'll also need video editing software that is equipped to handle the expectations you have for your video projects.

If you're not an experienced videographer, the terminology that is used to describe the video production process can be overwhelming. Yet without a basic understanding of the process, it will be difficult to produce professional videos in-house. The good news is that there is an abundance of video editing software solutions designed to make the process more accessible for the average user.

Video editing software solutions come with a wide variety of features. Some of those features include add-ons that are more appropriate for advanced video applications, while others are necessary for even the most basic video projects. To help you avoid buying either an overpowered or underpowered solution, we've compiled a list of video editing software features that small businesses need to create great videos.

  • User interface. A clean and easy to navigate user interface is a non-negotiable for most small business video editing scenarios. Even if your primary video editor is a seasoned pro who knows his way around the most advanced video software solutions on the market, it's nice to have an application that can be used by almost anyone in your organization for simple editing projects.
  • Storyboarding. Look for video software packages that have integrated storyboarding features. These features allow users to easily insert and arrange video clips in a way that maintains consistent themes and messaging.
  • Multi-track video editing. Although it may sound like overkill, multi-track editing features are a must for high quality business video editing. Multi-track editing capabilities make it much easier to work with audio and graphic overlays, and simplify value corrections that are necessary for maintaining consistency.
  • Audio enhancements. Novice videographers have a tendency to neglect audio quality. A robust video editing solution makes audio quality a priority and offers enhancements that include normalization, equalization and more.
  • Flexible output. Since it's likely that you will use your editing software for multiple purposes, you should look for solutions that make it easy to export final versions to multiple sources including DVDs, Blu-ray and online social networking sites like YouTube or Facebook.

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