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Where To Put Security Cameras

Bad security camera placement can negate the effect any business security system. Regardless of whether you plan on outsourcing your security camera installation or doing the job yourself, you need to know where to put security cameras in your business.

Location is the name of the game when it comes to security cameras.

Quality video camera security systems lose their effectives when they are positioned in places that lack a clear and unobstructed view of high priority areas.

But identifying high priority areas is what makes security camera installation so tricky. Since you're not a security expert, you will have to rely on your own sensibilities - as well as our suggestions for the best places to mount your video surveillance assets.

Putting Security Cameras in Outside Locations

Have you noticed that more and more businesses are installing security cameras on the outside of their buildings? Now that security footage is a legally admissible form of evidence, business owners are using exterior security cameras to protect their property from theft, vandalism, and litigation.

For exterior security cameras, the idea is to find angles and hardware that maximize the viewing area. Parking lot light poles make natural installation points for security cameras, but footage can be compromised if you fail to consider the effect of the lights themselves. In most cases, you can't go wrong by focusing your camera's gaze on doors, walkways, and parking lots.

Using Video Security Systems in Inside Locations

If your business is retail, it makes sense to focus your inside cameras on your merchandise and cash registers. But are they the only places you should locate cameras? And where should you position your cameras in a non-retail business?

Low traffic locations are the places most likely to attract criminal activity in retail and non-retail businesses. Stairwells are hot spots for unwanted activities, so it's a good idea to position a camera on the landing or at the top of the stairs. In combination with cameras that cover outside doors, stairway cameras offer comprehensive video coverage of criminals as they leave the building.

Security cameras can also be powerful tools for preventing employee fraud. If you have areas that lend themselves to fraudulent or illegal employee activities, cover them with cameras - and make sure your employees know that their activities in those areas will be closely monitored by video surveillance.

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What's your take on where to put business security cameras? We welcome your comments, questions and advice regarding where to put security cameras.

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