August 14, 2020  
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Small business security systems give owners peace of mind. More importantly, a good business security system provides protection against theft, robbery, burglary and other crimes that can ruin a business. We explain how to buy burglar alarms, video surveillance systems and other business security products that will help you avoid financial losses, competitor espionage, or bodily harm.

Small Business Security Systems

  • Installing Security Cameras - Installing security cameras is a great way for business owners to get peace of mind, knowing that their business premises are secure. We discuss surveillance camera solutions and how much security cameras cost so you can be a smart purchaser of business security solutions.
  • Alternative to ADT Business Security Systems - ADT may be the biggest name in business security systems, but it's not the only game in town. From local business security companies to national business security firms, here are some ADT alternatives you may want to consider.
  • Avoid False Business Security System Alarms - False alarms are the downside of business security systems. From a public safety perspective, they waste police resources. But for business owners, they're disruptive, unprofessional, and embarrassing. Here's how to avoid false business security system alarms at your establishment.
  • Installing Office Security Cameras - Security cameras prevent theft and other crimes in a small business. Although you could hire an outside firm to install office security cameras for you, you can probably handle the job yourself. Here's how . . .
  • Fake Security Cameras - Fake security cameras are an effective theft deterrent because most of us can't tell the difference between a fake and the real thing. But is installing a fake security camera really a good idea for a small business?
  • ADT Security Systems for Small Businesses - ADT is one of the most recognizable names in security alarm systems. For a business owner, they are also a one-stop security shopping resource with a selection of services to help you secure your company's assets.

  • Why Business Security Systems Fail - Business security systems are a great resource for protecting your company and securing your assets -- but they aren't foolproof. Here are just a few of the reasons why business security systems fail and how you can prevent failures from happening at your workplace.
  • Putting the Clamp on Theft - Businesses are often the victims of customer and employee theft is a fact hardly in contention. In the event that the entrepreneur fails to take appropriate security control measures against inventory theft there could be considerable negative effects not only on the inventory control structure but to the business' overall profitability.
  • How to Buy A Small Business Security System - Eventually you will purchase a security system for your business. Whether it's tomorrow or ten years from now, we have you covered with our tips on how to buy a small business security system that's right for your company.
  • Business Security Lighting - The right lighting resources can dramatically decrease the possibility of theft in your small business. But a good business security lighting system isn't a one-size-fits-all resource and finding the appropriate business security lighting configuration can be a challenge.
  • Business Security Camera Legal Considerations - Business security cameras are a common feature in many businesses. But many small business owners don't realize that security cameras are subject to certain restrictions and legal considerations that could have significant ramifications for their businesses.
  • Where To Put Security Cameras - Bad security camera placement can negate the effect any business security system. Regardless of whether you plan on outsourcing your security camera installation or doing the job yourself, you need to know where to put security cameras in your business.
  • Prevent Business Burglaries - A security system isn't the only way to keep your business safe. If there isn't room in your budget for a high-tech security solution, it's time to turn to some common sense solutions to prevent business burglaries.
  • How to Detect Trouble in Your Company - The business owner who possesses great powers of deduction can quickly put a stop to internal problems in the workplace by spotting them before they get out of hand.
  • Are Staff Members Stealing From You? - If expenditure on office supplies and other sundries takes a sudden rise, you may have someone who is adopting a permanent borrowing scheme -- meaning they 'borrow' from you, without ever giving back.
  • Cybercriminals Have You in Their Sights - It gets a little crazy out on the frontier known as the internet. How can you protect yourself from the masked bandits known as hackers?




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