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Starting a Business Via Network Marketing


Which Network Marketing Company Is Best?

Identifying the right network marketing business is tough stuff. With so many options to choose from, how can you know which network marketing company is best?

The process of selecting a network marketing business is confusing and unclear.
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Even veteran business leaders find it difficult to determine whether or not some network marketing companies are capable of delivering on their promises.

But if you have decided to pursue opportunities in network marketing, you will eventually have to select a network marketing company to launch your career. Here are some suggestions to help guide your search.

  • Research the company. Company marketing materials do not qualify as research. Ask around. Visit business forums. Google them. Do whatever it takes to find out what people are saying about the company and how the company stacks up against their competition.
  • Assess the product. Legitimate network marketing companies sell products. What you are looking for is a product you can sell with confidence and one that has the potential to meet your earnings expectations.
  • Examine the tier compensation structure. Most MLM and network marketing companies use either binary or matrix compensation structures. Become familiar with how you fit into the compensation plan and make sure you are completely comfortable with it before you make any final decisions.
  • Weigh the buy-in. The majority of network marketing companies have a buy-in fee. Think of it as a mini franchise fee that enables you to sell the company's products. These fees can range from a few bucks to several hundred dollars. Don't be scared away by the fact that they charge a fee but make sure you can justify it compared to the fees charged by other network marketing opportunities.
  • Evaluate sources of income for high earners. This is where it gets dicey. Network marketing is an effective marketing structure for selling products to the general public. Recruitment of new distributors is part of it that's how network marketing companies are designed to operate. But if high earners are making most of their money through recruitment look out! It may be difficult to sell products (and earn commissions) because higher rung distributors would rather sell people like you on opportunities.
  • Resist the hype. Network marketing recruiters are all about hype. They rely on high energy presentations and promises to attract the kinds of people who are capable of generating profits for them and the company. However, they are also veteran salespeople who will push you toward making a quick commitment. Don't give in to the pressure and hype. Take your time and make an informed decision.

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What's your take on the best network marketing companies and what makes them solid to work with? We welcome your comments, questions and advice regarding network marketing companies.

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