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Why Business Websites Need a CMS

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) give your business a ready-made tool for creating and managing web content. But are the benefits really worth the hassle of introducing yet another application into your workplace? You bet!

More than anything else, content is the driving force behind the success or failure of your company's website.

If you aren't able to provide a steady stream of fresh, relevant content, your website will quickly become stale and ineffective.

Content Management System (CMS) applications offer a convenient resource for managing critical content and migrating it into your website. With the ability to accommodate multiple users, you get an easy-to-use solution that consistently satisfies your site's hunger for new text and multimedia content.

CMS Basics

CMS separates content from presentation. Instead of creating content in a single-use HTML format, CMS lets you store your content in a database and present it in ways that are specified by web template files. Since it is stored in a database, it can be easily updated or edited through a simplified user interface.

One of the nice things about CMS is that it requires little or no technical expertise from users. Text, photos, music, videos and other files can be easily translated into attractive web content, so your staff members can manage your website rather than relying on the services of a contracted web developer.

Advantages of a CMS for small businesses

  • Site freshness. Corporate websites tend to go stale in a very short period of time. Unless you have a dedicated web specialist whose primary focus is to consistently update content, your website will quickly become boring and irrelevant. CMS promotes site freshness by spreading content responsibilities across multiple departments and staff members.
  • Speed. If you have to rely on a web developer to update your site, be prepared to wait weeks for new content to appear. With CMS, the updating process is dramatically shortened with new content appearing on your site in a matter of minutes.
  • Accuracy. Many business owners appreciate the fact that they no longer have to rely on third-party providers to update their content. Instead, your workers have complete control over content, resulting in greater accuracy.
  • Cost. A CMS solution eliminates the need for management contracts with a web developer. Although there is an upfront expense, many applications are scalable and there are even open source applications that are completely free.

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