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Your Marketing Message

Your marketing message is your way to communicate with your potential customers and give them a reason why they should buy from you. Understanding how your marketing message can influence your customers is critical to gaining the right kind of customer for your business.

Your marketing message is your chance to explain to your customers in a very simple and concise manner, who you are and why they should buy from you.

Your Marketing Message

Why is it then that so many entrepreneurs and businesses don't put enough effort into their marketing messages or simply choose a message that does not align with their value proposition? A marketing message is your most important communication with potential customers. The attractiveness of your marketing message is what initially brings in your first time customers and should clearly state what your value proposition is for your customers.

Your marketing message is comprised of various items. It includes your company's slogan (e.g. Nike's "Just Do It"), your advertising, your online social presence, your website, and more. More importantly than just creating the right marketing message, is ensuring that your marketing message is consistent across all channels. Do your advertisements align with and support your company slogan? Does your website convey your value proposition to your customers on the home page?

Geico's message is very simple and clear and aligns with their business strategy and value proposition of saving consumers money on their car insurance. Their slogan "15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance." As a consumer, you understand and can appreciate their value proposition immediately. There is no chance for confusion over what Geico is trying to sell or why you should buy from them. The one negative aspect of Gieco's marketing message is their website. When you arrive at their homepage, there is no mention of their value proposition for the consumer, just a quick tool to get a free quote.

An effective way to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing message is to ask consumers or customers what they think your value proposition is. You have achieved success in effectively reaching your customers if there assumed value proposition aligns with your company's mission and marketing message.

For example, most motorists would say that they bought Geico car insurance because it was the cheapest and easiest to get. This aligns very well with the mission and marketing of Geico to save drivers up to 15% in under 15 minutes. Better yet, you've really hit a homerun when customers start telling other people about the value that you provide and spreading your marketing message for you.

With marketing messages, simple and direct usually wins over creative and abstract. Many companies try to think of creative rhymes, phrases, and jingles to put into their marketing message, yet many of them do not convey the firm's value proposition. Gieco's competitor AllState, uses the marketing slogan, "You're in Good Hands". While that sounds comforting, what does it have to do with car insurance or any reason why I should buy from AllState?

When you create your marketing campaigns, think about how your customer will think about your message. Does it invite them to want to buy from you or entice them to find out more information? Avoid the creative jingles and stick to the direct message of what your firm does and why customers should buy from you.

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