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Good marketing plans and programs will make for a successful startup. Learn about small business marketing basics.

Small Business Marketing

  • Promoting an Online Business - Starting a business on the web is easy, but starting a successful business on the web is hard. We offer three great tips for promoting an online business.
  • Business-to-Business Marketing - Business to business marketing differs from consumer marketing in many ways. As a small business owner, it is important to make that distinction and understand how b-to-b marketing differs from b-to-c marketing.
  • Four Easy Ways to Market Your Business Online - How to market my business online? If that's your question, we've got the answers. Successful entrepreneur Simon Slade offers some excellent advice on online marketing.
  • Marketing Basics - Marketing programs are the key to attracting customers. This article explains some marketing basics that will get you started.
  • Starting a Wedding Favor Businesss - Want to start a wedding favors business but have trouble finding ideas? These tips will help you find the most practical items to market to your consumers.
  • Marketing Intelligence For Financial Services - We examine how small enterprises that are marketing financial services can effectively use proximity marketing and database marketing and ensure a good financial fit.

  • Music on Hold - You've just invested in a nice new phone system for your business, and now comes the key question: what music will they hear when you put them on hold? Surprisingly, many studies suggest that this is an important business decision that can help or hurt your business, depending on what choice you make.
  • Getting a Sponsor - While initial funding for startups and small businesses are financed by loans and investment by venture capitalist firms, getting a sponsor is also important for help paying for attendance at trade shows, corporate events, and conferences. This is important, because it adds to the visibility of the product or service that the entrepreneur is trying to sell.
  • Responsible Marketing - Responsible marketing isn't just a good business practice. It's the right thing to do.
  • Test Marketing - Put yourself in an entrepreneur's shoes. You have a wonderful business idea that you think can be extremely profitable and you have already crafted a solid business plan. Before launching your company full-throttle with many investors pouring in money to your company, conducting a test market would be wise to get a preliminary estimation of demand for your product or service.
  • Seven Low-Cost Small Business Marketing Ideas - Some entrepreneurs get so busy, they forget to market their products and services. Here are seven easy, low-cost marketing ideas that get restart your marketing and grow your customer base.
  • Picking a Target Market - You have a good idea. Now, who's going to benefit from it? Narrowing the market down makes it easier to succeed. Considering a few important factors can make a big difference.
  • The Soft Opening - Before you start planning a grand opening, read this article. We discuss the benefits of setting up a soft opening as part of your efforts towards planning for a grand opening.
  • Competing Against Market Leaders - While you should never directly challenge a market leader, you should not be afraid to enter a market where a strong leader is present. The key is in learning how to compete effectively.
  • Running an Effective Focus Group - Having outside information on a new project can be a valuable resource when trying to cater to a certain audience. Learn how focus groups can achieve this, and what to watch out for with focus groups.
  • Marketing Versus Sales - In many organization, marketing and sales are fierce adversaries. Here are some tips to get your marketing and sales team working together as a team.
  • Holiday-Powered Marketing - Holiday-powered marketing involves tying your marketing programs into a specific holiday. It's a tried and tested way to get customers interested in your products and services.
  • SWOT Analysis - SWOT is a simple tool, but for small businesses it can help focus efforts in a way that increases productivity and growth. A company without direction is headed nowhere, so even simple tools such as SWOT can help your company grow.
  • Expanding your Business to a New Market - Now that you've become established, who else will benefit from your product? What factors does your business need to consider during expansion?
  • Product Catalog Design - We need ways to improve our sales! If that's what's on your mind, here's some good advice from Jennifer Yaborough of VistaPrint. She discusses using a printed product catalog as a great way to complement your online product catalog. Among other things, she offers some great tips on product catalog design.
  • TOWS Analysis - TOWS is the way in which a company can employ their internal and external analysis and match these up to one another. Without a specific implementation program, the analysis from SWOT analysis is generally regarded as pointless. TOWS can help create a plan of action.
  • Competitive Analysis - Good marketing starts with a thorough competitor analysis. Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate your company from the competition?
  • Words That Sell - This article highlights words that are the most effective when marketing your business. Using these "power words" will help to increase sales, keep your existing customers and gain new ones. Words that sell are key to a successful business.
  • Guerilla Marketing - Guerilla Marketing is a type of marketing that was described by Jay Levinson. It is a marketing discipline that is mostly geared towards small business and entrepreneurs, because they only utilize a low budget. Guerilla marketing is known to be aggressive and sometimes unconventional in its practices.
  • Your Target Market Segment May Define Your Success or Failure - Should I go after a small piece of a larger market or go after a large portion a smaller market? This question is something many entrepreneurs come across in deciding what markets to go after and which to avoid, but the answer to this age old question is rather simple.
  • Lead Generation - We offer a few simple tips on lead generation. If your sales team is hungry for leads, this is worth reading.
  • Building Credibility Through Online Conferences - An entrepreneur or small business owner is usually on the phone, especially during the early days of the company, in an effort to either gain some exposure, capital, or business deals. They will be constantly talking to potential investors, high-volume clients, or business partners. One method of communication that entrepreneurs have to master is online conferencing.
  • Podcasting in Marketing - Podcasting is a relatively new term being used on the Internet. To put it in simple terms, a podcast is basically a blog in audio format instead of web text format.
  • Sell Yourself Sell Your Product - In an image conscious world the way you look, as a business owner, can speak volumes about your products and services. At least that's what people think, rightly or wrongly. It might not be fair but we are judged on our appearance so being aware of the messages your image sends out is important.
  • Internet Marketing and Your Local Business - The internet has the power to reach out to a worldwide audience, making it a valuable tool for businesses wishing to promote online. However, global reach isn't for everyone. Small local businesses only need to connect with those in a certain radius. But the internet can still be a powerful tool.
  • Effective Marketing for your Business - This article highlights effective marketing techniques to promote your small business. It focuses on offline as well as online methods.
  • Marketing Your Business with SEO Content Writing - You've heard SEO content writing is good for your business's website but what is it exactly? This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how SEO content writing can be used to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Marketing Your Business with a Free Website - Explains the benefits of marketing with a free website. Learn what you should look for when choosing a free web hosting company for your website.
  • Using Forums to Market Your Business - article discusses the use of online forums as a way to get free targeted traffic. Also learn about how to make use of a systematic approach to effectively do your forum posting.
  • Marketing Your Business with a Free E-Book - This article explains the importance of marketing your business with a free e-book. Discusses what to include in the e-book to make it effective as a promotional tool.
  • 6 Marketing Tricks You Can Count On - Marketing is a continuous, relentless and everyday process. Given its importance as a business function, here are some six marketing tricks you could probably use for your benefits.
  • Keep Your Enemies Close, Part 2 - In business they say competition is healthy, but it's only healthy if it urges you to step up your game and combat it. Harsh though the attitude might be, it's as well to look upon your competitors as enemies. And it's wiser still to look at the different ways you could defeat them. This is part two of a two part article.
  • Mastering Internet Marketing - What is the secret to succeeding in Internet Marketing? First, it's all about the basics. Mastering Internet Marketing is about excelling in the basics. All internet marketers engage in the same activities, but some do it better and make much more money. So what are the secrets for mastering internet marketing?
  • Marketing Automation in Business - Often we find that the simplest of tasks are the ones that take up most time. In a commercial sense, the old adage is true - time always equals money. Therefore, if you're wasting time or even just failing to use it wisely you will in effect be squandering money. So can you automate time consuming tasks and cut time and expenditure?
  • Software That Markets For You - Time consuming tasks cost your business money. But they need to be carried out, especially your marketing campaigns. Can you wave a wand a work some magic? Software that does it for you might sound like a dream, but it is a reality.
  • Planning for Promotions - Promotions are a costly affair, and so should be planned and managed well, lest it leads to losses.
  • Write an Elevator Pitch - Can you pitch your business idea in the time it takes to take a short elevator ride?
  • Opportunities and Threats-Part 2 of SWOT Analysis - The OT in SWOT Analysis stands for Opportunities and Threats, what are yours?
  • Local Search - Haven't tapped into the power of local search yet? Big mistake. Local search is the key to growing your customer base in your area.
  • Technology Marketing - Is marketing hi-tech products different from marketing low-tech products. You bet! Here's why.
  • How to Save Money When Marketing - Do you want to save money with marketing your business? Here are some tips for how marketing does not need to be expensive.
  • What It Means to Market - If you're an entrepreneur looking to identify the steps to start marketing your business, you've come to the right place. Marketing development is an important tool to help sell your product or service.
  • Push-Pull Marketing - Push-pull marketing strategies are two distinct methods of promoting products and services to a target market. There are specific advantages in using each of these two marketing strategies. Being able to know the difference as well as how to use both in conjunction with another is very valuable information to an entrepreneur.
  • Deciding on a Marketing Message - When starting a new marketing and promotions campaign, there are many factors to take into consideration. This is a look at several main things you should research before rolling out a new campaign.
  • Marketing an Image - The image a company establishes is one of the first things a customer will use to create a first impression. Knowing how to create the right image will help a company in attracting the market they want.
  • How to Market a Small Business - It takes time and planning to market your business. These small business marketing tips will help you market in an effective way, and ensure that consumers will remember your brand.
  • Fusion Marketing - Sometimes marketing does not always have to be competition-based. It can sometimes also emphasize cooperation between two businesses. This is called fusion marketing and it is a type of marketing that is popular for start-ups or small businesses.
  • Selecting the Right Traditional Media - Has the internet completely overshadowed other types of traditional advertising? Is it still worth investing money into? Here is a quick guide to why certain types of traditional media are still effective, along with their disadvantages.
  • Database and Database Marketing - Entrepreneurs and other individuals looking to make the most money at the least amount of time try to employ complex business strategies to sell their product or service. Oftentimes, however, they often overlook a simple strategy that helps them target the largest number of potential customers, especially if the use the Internet as a tool of marketing. Maintaining a solid database can increase your revenues and decrease marketing costs.
  • Showcasing Your Business - Professional networking and marketing is the often times forgotten aspect of launching a new business. Presenting your business at industry events is an invaluable way to show industry peers that you mean business.
  • Criteria For Choosing a Creative Agency - Selecting a creative agency is not a task to be taken lightly. In this article, we offer some useful criteria for choosing a creative agency.
  • The New Marketing - Marketing principles have long been based on the 4Ps (Product, Place, Promotion, and Product), but the 4Ps fail to fulfill the individual needs and wants customers have come to demand.
  • Building an Emotional Connection with Your Customers - Marketing allows companies to get consumers to pay premium prices for brands because of the emotional connection that they instill in their products. When you are able to market your product in such a way that consumers are willing to pay more for it than the competitors, you have a strong competitive advantage over your rivals that can last a life time.
  • Your Marketing Message - Your marketing message is your way to communicate with your potential customers and give them a reason why they should buy from you. Understanding how your marketing message can influence your customers is critical to gaining the right kind of customer for your business.
  • Inventing Buzzwords - Where do buzzwords come from? We shed some light on the origins of popular buzzwords. Key takeaway: inventing buzzwords can be a great marketing tactic.
  • Marketing and Sports - We all dream of seeing our ad on Super Bowl Sunday. But it is just that, a dream. Or is it? Here is a strategy for getting your entrepreneurial venture in the sports marketing arena.
  • Business Intelligence The New Competitive Advantage - Business Intelligence is a process for increasing competitive advantage of a business by using intelligent use of available data and information in decision making. In the digital age, there is a vast amount of information that can be used to drive better business decisions, and we are just now starting to make inroads into this emerging and promising field.
  • Understanding Your Target Market - The more intimate you are with your target market the better equipped you will be to reach out to them. And that means more precision in your marketing which in turn leads to greater sales.
  • Marketing on a TIGHT Budget: How to Get New Clients with Little or NO Money - Marketing can be expensive, but when times are tough, should you just stop doing it altogether? Of course not! The key is to try to get the highest possible return with the least possible expense. This article offers several extremely effective (and extremely inexpensive) ways to supercharge your marketing efforts, no matter WHAT your budget is.
  • Easiest E-Marketing Basics for Your Business - With the advent of e-Marketing and Social Media, conventional marketing methods are not drawing huge lists of potential customers any more. E-Marketing has a greater outreach, is more cost effective and is in step with technological advances. Here are some easy ways to deploy e-marketing for your business.
  • How to Identify Your Primary and Secondary Markets - To successfully market your products, it is imperative that you identify & define your Primary & Secondary markets segments. Once you have done that, the next step is to define your Product Classes & Customer Segments. Here's a detailed explanation.
  • Marketing Your Business with Craigslist - This article explains how to effectively market your business on Craigslist. Find valuable tips for posting ads on Craigslist to drive customers to your business.
  • Marketing your Business Online for Free - Entrepreneurs are always looking for cost effective ways to find new customers. How about free? This article outlines methods that are free and easy and can be done without the help of a professional.
  • Marketing with Voice Broadcasting - This article gives advice on how to use voice broadcasting as a form of business marketing. Learn about the advantages of using this as a tool for mass communication in order to reach customers and potential customers.
  • Grassroots Marketing - A grassroots marketing campaign is essential to the success of your business locally. This article highlights things you can do in your community on and off the internet in order to build a positive presence with your local market.
  • Grassroots Marketing for Food Products - Learn about a grassroots marketing approach to promoting your food business. If you are a foody entrepreneur, it is important to develop community relationships.
  • Keep Your Enemies Close, Part 1 - In business they say competition is healthy, but it's only healthy if it urges you to step up your game and combat it. Harsh though the attitude might be, it's as well to look upon your competitors as enemies. And it's wiser still to look at the different ways you could defeat them. This is part one of a two part article.
  • Flea Market Marketing - Article highlights how you can build a successful flea market business and discusses marketing techniques that will build customer loyalty and help to make you more money.
  • Promote Your Business with E-Mail Signature - Creating an email signature file is an effective way of passively promoting your business. People don't normally think much of this powerful marketing tool and thus lose miss out on an opportunity to get more customers. So how can you create and effectively market your email signature?
  • 5 Persuasive Writing Secrets - Want to persuade readers to act or concur with you? Of course. Persuasion is an exercise aimed to create a win for you/win for them situation. To be successful you need to make a case that is advantageous to others. An offer they're unable to refuse.
  • 5 More Persuasive Writing Secrets - If you agitate your readers will they be inspired to buy? With persuasive writing it's sometimes necessary to agitate. Here's how:
  • Enhancing Your Online Marketing Presence - Increasingly, online marketing is becoming a vital part of ant marketing plan. Implementing the programs in your plan is as crucial. To ensure progress, you should set aside time every day for marketing online. What strategies can you use to enhance your online marketing presence?
  • Strengths and Weaknesses - Part 1 of SWOT Analysis - The SW in SWOT Analysis stands for Strengths and Weaknesses, what are yours?
  • Writing an Elevator Pitch as an Entrepreneur - An elevator pitch can provide entrepreneurs with the right tool to interest investors and attract customers. Writing a solid elevator pitch takes time and takes practice but can help the entrepreneur focus the direction of a business.
  • Raising Awareness About My Business - How do I raise awarness about my business? Raising awareness about a business is a common goal. But, raising awareness in a vacuum is a recipe for disaster. Improving company awareness has to be part of a larger plan.
  • Marketing Your Small Business - Marketing isn't a natural skill set for many entrepreneurs. But when it comes to marketing your business, you don't have time to waste on a long learning curve. We'll tell you how to get up to speed ASAP!
  • Promote Your Business - Great business owners are master promoters. But when money is tight, promotion falls by the wayside. Here are just a few of the ways you can promote your business without breaking your budget.
  • ThinkStock Subscription Review and Coupon Codes - has exceptional stock photography. We take a look their stock photo subscriptions and share a valuable promotion code with you.




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