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Zoho Business Wiki Review

Wikis give your business the ability to implement collaborative and easy-to-use content management processes. Zoho is a turnkey wiki solution that offers a range of features designed specifically for small businesses.

Zoho is an online wiki platform that is designed to meet the needs of small business.

Like other wiki solutions, it gives business owners a ready-made tool for collaboration and content management. Zoho also offers several critical features that have been created to enhance your employees' wiki experience. As a small business owner, you'll be impressed by the ways these features improve your company's ability to create and maintain vital content. Here are some of the features that are offered by Zoho business wiki as well as other business wiki platforms.

  • Workspaces. With Zoho, you can give each team or department its own wiki workspace. Workspaces let teams upload and edit content, set departmental access controls and customize their space to meet departmental needs and preferences.
  • History tracking. Approved users have the ability to easily monitor changes to their wiki space. Zoho enables them to create watch lists, check for comments and access data that may have been lost in previous communications.
  • Versioning. Zoho generates an automatic version log that records every change that is made to a document or page. If content is lost or if the team wants to refer back to a prior version, they can do so with a minimum amount of effort. Also, Zoho merges changes that are made to a single document by more than one person at the same time.
  • User administration. Authorized access to a workspace can be granted at either the individual or group level. In addition to space and page level permissions, administrators can grant/deny access for functions like restoring, copying and renaming pages.
  • Notifications. Email chains and cumbersome document distributions are eliminated through Zoho's notification features. RSS feeds and other notifications can be used to automatically notify team members of updates or other changes to a Zoho workspace.
  • User interface. Like many other wiki platforms, Zoho has an easy-to-use user interface. This application has been designed for use by people who have a wide range of technical proficiencies. Novices enjoy Zoho's WYSIWYG editing features, while more advanced users appreciate its HTML capabilities. When you adopt Zoho you give everyone in your organization the ability to attach and track multimedia files including spreadsheets, docs, charts, photos and videos.

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