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AdSense Tips for Forum and Blog Sites

Forums and blogs face unique challenges when it comes to AdSense monetization. Here are a few ways to maximize ad revenues on forum sites and blogs.

Ad revenue is a common profit center in the world of web publishing.

AdSense Tips for Forum and Blog Sites

Although subscriptions and other strategies can also be effective, ad placements have the potential to generate a steady stream of income and effectively monetize a content-based website.

Google AdSense is the undisputed king of online ads, providing web publishers with a convenient way to convert their site's content into a revenue-producing business asset. But despite its conveniences, Google's ad programs presents certain challenges that need to be addressed, especially if you are poised to place AdSense ads on a blog or forum-based website.

Blogs and forums are popular with consumers because they are hubs for dynamic content. Consumers reward sites that offer consistently fresh material, even if that material is at least partially generated by other users. To improve your site's click and conversion rates, you'll need to understand the unique issues associated with forums and blogs, and the challenges they present to web publishers who participate in AdSense.

Ads in Forums

Forums are unique because they exhibit a high volume of return users. If your ads annoy users, it's unlikely they will consistently participate in the forum, which defeats the entire purpose of a forum-based website. Try to achieve a balance between blending and complementing your ads with content. Placements between posts and to the left of the screen are more effective than placements to the right or before/after headers.

Also, consider leveraging CPM (cost-per-thousand-impression) ads rather than CPC (cost-per-click) ads. Forum users are repeat customers, but they tend to yield lower click-through rates than the users of other types of websites.

Ads in Blogs

The most effective way to use AdSense in a blog site is to blend the ads into the site's content. Although the title or header of the ad should set it apart from the content, the background should be blended to achieve seamless visualization for users.

It's especially important for blogs to focus on wide ads rather than tall ones. Wide ads are easier to read and can be integrated more effectively into blog content. We also recommend including an AdSense for Search feature on blog as a way to generate additional income and give blog readers a search feature located within the site.

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