August 6, 2020  

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Business blogs are all the rage. At companies around the world, there's a mad rush to start a business blog. Learn before you leap! These articles cover topics relevant to business blogs, such as how to start a business blog, business blogging mistakes, and useful advice on how to manage a company blog.


  • The Single Most Important Word to Use When You Blog - The purpose of this article is to help you write more compelling blog posts. Why? Because when you write a compelling blog you generate more links, more comments, more leads and greater popularity.
  • Blogging for Business - Blogging can open new doors for your business as an entrepreneur. It gives you online connections to an almost limitless pool of potential customers.
  • How to Create a Business Blog - A blog can be a powerful tool for your small business. Knowing how to get a blog up and running is half the battle; maintaining it is the other half. We have the information you need to get your blog off to a great start.
  • How to Promote a Business Blog - Once you have created a business blog, your next big job is to learn how to promote it effectively. Traffic is everything and we have the tools you need to drive both new and repeat visitors to your site.
  • TypePad vs. Blogger vs. WordPress - The decision to create a business blog is a no-brainer compared to the process of selecting a blogging platform. There are lots of platforms to choose from, but we'll breakdown the pros and cons of the big three: TypePad, Blogger and WordPress.
  • How to Manage a Business Blog - Creating a business blog is one thing. But maintaining and managing it? That's a whole different ballgame. Stale, lifeless blogs are marketing kryptonite, so you'll need to learn how to manage your business blog like a pro -- and here's how it's done.

  • Business Blogging - Business blogging is the hot new thing. In short, by creating a business blog you create a new forum where you can interact with key stakeholders.but before you get started, make sure you understand the pros and cons of business blogging.
  • Blog Sweepstakes - Learn tips on promoting your business with an internet blog sweepstakes. Follow these detailed steps in order to use this form of business promotion.
  • Profitable Video Blogging - Do you have a young, short attention spanned, hyped up on pixie sticks audience? Do the members keep drifting off trying to read what you want to say? Maybe it's time for a video blog so you can command their attention.
  • Ten Symptoms of a Failing Blog - Poor traffic? Few comments or none at all. Your blog is failing. Want to know why?
  • Ten More Symptoms of a Failing Blog - Does your blog only attract a trickle of traffic. Do you rarely get comments. It sounds like things need a shake up.
  • How to Turn Business Blog Readers Into Customers - Your business blog's true measure of success is how many readers it converts into actual customers. Heavy-handed promotions risk alienating visitors, but no promotional mojo at all makes your blog a vanity project. So how do you achieve the right balance?
  • Starting a Blog for Your Company - Is your business blogging yet? If not, it may be time to take a serious look at blogging and what it can do for small business growth?
  • Making Money on Your Blog - Many bloggers do not know how to or bother monetizing their blogs because they do not think it is lucrative enough. If you run a blog, continue reading to learn how to start generating revenue almost immediately.
  • Benefits of A Small Business Blog - According to some, blogs are the bane of the Internet. But if they're so terrible, why are small business blogs popping up all over the Internet? The truth is that a blog can offer important benefits for your company.




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