October 22, 2020  
  Small Business Economics  
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The small business economy in the United States is larger than most economies worldwide. In these articles, we examine the interplay between small businesses and the economy. We also look at economic principles and events and how they might impact small businesses.

Small Business Economics

  • CIT Bailout - CIT, a leading lender to small and midsized businesses is struggling. Should we let them fail? Our take is that they are too important to fail because their failure will be a painful blow to a small business economy that is already ailing.
  • Why a Small Business Stimulus Program Makes Sense - A proposed small business bailout plan is just what the doctor ordered for this ailing economy. We take a look at the new small business stimuls program.
  • Why Small Business Matters - We've been doing a little thinking about how helping the small business economy can save the economy in general. It's armchair economics to be sure, but it makes sense.
  • Make Supply and Demand Work for Your Business - Understanding the pushes and pulls of supply and demand can enable you to create a business model suited to your company's strengths. This article briefly goes over how simple economics can play a real life roll if your business planning.
  • Structure of Markets - We review the theory of markets and discusses their structure in more detail. There are different kinds of markets, and they perform significantly different functions for the economy.
  • Comparative Advantage - The concept of comparative advantage is one of the most elegant concepts in economics and can be used as a powerful analytical tool by the entrepreneur. This article will help you understand how comparative advantage works through examples.

  • Opportunity Cost - The concept of opportunity cost is central to economics and economic thinking. Understanding opportunity cost will help you determine the true value of decisions.
  • Introduction to Economics - This article briefly goes over the fundamentals of economics so that as a small business owner you can understand the forces at play in the market place.
  • The Most Profitable Industries - The industry in which you decide to enter can have a strong bearing on the profitability of your entrepreneurial venture. Knowing which industries generate the greatest profitability and how and why those profits are generated can help you determine which industries are the most attractive to enter based on your skills and knowledge.
  • Price Elasticity of Demand - How sensitive are the consumers to price changes? This article will help you understand how the price elasticity of demand works.
  • Small Business Role in Economic Recovery - New research from the SBA suggests that small businesses are poised to play a big role in economic recovery.
  • Change in Demand - As the time changes, demand for different products changes. As an entrepreneur, you want to stay one step ahead of the herd. This article will help you understand the determinants of demand.
  • Economic Basics for Entrepreneurs - Basic economic concepts are tools every entrepreneur should be familiar with. What is economics and why is it important for entrepreneurs? Read this article to find out.
  • Three Basic Economic Questions - As an entrepreneur and as an economic agent, there are three basic economic questions you should ask when deciding how to allocate scarce resources
  • Economic Growth Theories - Take a look at the major economic growth theories and how they measure up to real-life situations.
  • How Websites Value Journalists - It's sad but true. The value of the written word is plummeting. We take a look at trends in the economics of journalism.
  • Basic Guide to Markets - Markets provide our economy with many services and perks. Learn how they work together to help facilitate our fast paced global economy.
  • How Elastic is Your Business? - Elasticity measures the change in demand of your product in response to the change in the price of your product. As competition increases in a given market, understanding how elastic your firm and its products are can help you better understand how to improve your competitive advantage and keep your customers loyal to your product.
  • Introduction to Demand - As an entrepreneur, you probably spent some time trying to figure out how demand works, especially for the products that you are selling. This article will teach you the very basics of demand.
  • Improvements to the Small Business Sector - To improve the small enterprise sector a favorable climate must be created via a number of interventions. The required solutions are not simple applications but the general idea is to minimize the items of policy that tend to favor industries and discriminate against small enterprises.
  • Bad News About Oil Prices - Oil prices may be high, but recent downtrends prove that not all of it is speculation. When the laws of supply and demand interact, you can see it reflected in prices. Recessionary concerns are a simple catalyst for the downward spike in oil prices.
  • The Law of Demand - As an entrepreneur, you probably spent some time trying to figure out how demand works. Lucky for you, economists have already done some of the thinking for you. This article will help you understand the law of demand by introducing the law of diminishing marginal utility, the income effect, and the substitution effect.
  • Economic Growth - We discuss economic growth and the factors that make economic growth possible.
  • Trade Restrictions - Find out the truth behind trade restrictions aimed to help our farmers and workers. We discuss trade policy and how trade restrictions impact small business owners.
  • What Role Will the SBA Play in Economic Recovery? - Small business experts are lobbying for an elevated role for SBIC in jumpstarting entrepreneurship and small business investment under the Obama Administration. Charles Morton, an attorney at Venable LLP, weighs in on the subject.
  • Entrepreneurs to the Economic Rescue - Entrepreneurs are the only pool of businesses currently adding new jobs to their payroll, yet our political and economic leaders have yet to even consider using stimulus money to incentivize entrepreneurs for taking the risks that they are taking in seeking to create new economical and social value.
  • Innovative Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow - With credit lines drying up and small business financing harder to come by, finding new ways to increase cash flow is vital for the sustainability of your business. There are several ways that you can work towards improving your cash flow cycle.
  • Reviewing the Benefits of Small Enterprises to the Economy - Thanks to their unique organizational and economic traits, small enterprises are well placed to bring about positive gradual changes to any economy. It is for this reason that small enterprises must be promoted as a matter of necessity in the implementation of national development plans.
  • Surviving the “Off-Peak” Season in a Seasonal Business - Seasonal Business is a well traveled route for the beginning entrepreneur, but what do they do during the off season? How does a business keep hibernation from becoming comatose?




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