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Here's a ton of useful resources for business owners.

Additional Resources for Business Owners

  • Online Tools For Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need good tools to build successful businesses. We've created these online business tools to help you achieve your business goals. (4 articles)
  • Mission Statements. We're on a mission to discuss mission statements. Are they the key to business success or are they much ado about nothing? (10 articles)
  • Home Business. Starting a home-based business? Make sure you check out our articles on starting and operating home-based small businesses. (38 articles)
  • Advice for Retailers. If you own a retail business, this is the site for you. We offer a wealth of useful advice and guidance for small business retailers. (28 articles)
  • Administrative Professionals. We offer helpful office management tips and advice -- must-read articles for administrative professionals, executive assistants, and office managers. (21 articles)
  • Family-Owned Businesses. Family business face unique challenges. These family business articles provide useful advice to businesses that are owned by or employ family members. (18 articles)

  • Payroll Service Information and Reviews. Somebody has to try to be the best source of information on payroll services. Who better than us?! Enjoy our payroll service reviews and other articles on payroll services. (26 articles)
  • Productivity Tips. Get an edge on the competition by being more organized and more productive. We've collected some of the best business productivity tips around. (49 articles)
  • Business Advice for Bad Economic Times. There's plenty of business advice on what to do in a bad economy. We're collecting business tips for a down economy that will hopefully help entrepreneurs make it through to good economic times. (23 articles)
  • Free Sample Business Forms. Searching for free business forms? We may have a sample business form that will do exactly what you need. (2 forms)
  • Business Lessons from the Jungle. Entrepreneurs can learn many good business lessons from animals. Millions of years of evolution show us what works and what doesn't work in nature...and we can apply those lessons when starting and growing a business. (2 articles)
  • Small Business Insurance. Our small business insurance articles discuss small business health insurance, property insurance, workers' compensation, liability insurance, dental insurance, key man insurance and other types of small business commercial insurance. (28 articles)
  • Global Entrepreneurship. We explore how entrepreneurs are doing around the globe and how entrepreneurship is contributing to the national economic growth of many countries. (13 articles)
  • Doing Business in China. For entrepreneurs who want to capitalize the many business opportunities in China, we've written a series of articles on doing business in China. (20 articles)
  • Business Ethics. We take a look at the role of business ethics in entrepreneurship. (7 articles)
  • Good Business Books. We showcase some of the best business books we've read recently. Remember, increase your knowledge or you will decrease it! (26 articles)
  • Studying Entrepreneurship. Can entrepreneurship be learned in school? Our articles on studying entrepreneurship examine the interplay between entrepreneurship and academics. (15 articles)
  • How To Make Money When You Are A Kid. Kids can be entrepreneurs too! We offer tons of good ways for kids to make money. (14 articles)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. Learn about mergers and acquisitions. We've got articles covering everything from the rationale for acquisitions to how to select an investment banker to help with M&A activity. (7 articles)
  • Veteran Entrepreneurs. For this nation's valued veterans, we have created helpful resources to assists veterans in all matters pertaining to business ownership, from startup to expansion. (6 articles)
  • Women Entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs rock! We've got advice for female entrepreneurs that will make starting and growing a woman-owned business a blast. (5 articles)
  • Small Business Experts. Get advice from the world's top small business experts. Well-known experts on small business offer advice on a variety of topics. (6 articles)
  • Small Business Economics. We discuss the overall economy and the small business economy. We also introduce entrepreneurs to some basic economics concepts that might come in handy. (29 articles)
  • Valuation of a Business. Determining the value of a business is a formidable task. For those who need to appraise the value of a business, these articles cover the most common valuation methods and numerous other topics related to business valuation. (15 articles)




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