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Creating a Vision as an Entrepreneur

Written by Kathryn Lang for Gaebler Ventures

Every entrepreneur needs to develop a vision that can guide the decisions for the success of a business. A vision statement reveals the big picture of the business and the person and allows room for expansion of the entrepreneurial endeavor.

Every successful entrepreneur needs a sound vision to guide decisions.
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Most people formulate that vision through the creation of a business plan. The Vision Statement starts the process of planning the direction your entrepreneurial endeavor will take. It serves as the foundation point for building up the blocks of goals and objectives that create the success you desire.

A good vision statement for an entrepreneur starts with the person.

What things drive your passion? Take a look at your own gifts, talents and interests and let those begin to craft the path of your entrepreneurial business. Write out the actions that get you energized and excited. Include ideas that are important for your own life. A life lived outside of passion will struggle to find satisfaction.

What are the personal values that direct your day to day life? Creating a vision as an entrepreneur should start with an understanding of self.

Use the list to begin to formulate a description of who you are. Let that description be the guide for creating the perfect job description to meet your gifts, talents and interests. This brainstorming session should not be limited. Set your imagination free. Recruit trusted mentors or advisors to help you dream the dream. Take the ideas and begin to formulate the occupation, business or position that you can mold into your entrepreneurial venture.

Look at the reality of the venture. Consider the potential customers, locations and even employees available for your business. Think about where you want to take your journey as an entrepreneur in the next five years, the next ten years and even the next twenty years.

Review all of the information that you have listed. Narrow that information into one to three sentences that express the who and the what of the business you will create as an entrepreneur. Having a vision of your path as an entrepreneur will help you stay on track when decisions and situations begin to arise.

The Vision Statement that you create as an entrepreneur will reveal the big picture of your business and purpose. This idealized description of the outcome you desire as an entrepreneur needs to be a little vague to leave room for expansion, but it should also give you the direction and purpose as an entrepreneur. It should be inspirational so that it projects in image in your mind of the path you will take. The right vision statement will also promote creative solutions to the changes that you will face in your entrepreneurial journey.

Creating a vision statement allows you to develop and entrepreneurial compass to guide your decisions for your business. It gives you the tools you need to break out of the ordinary way of doing things and thinking about things. The inspiration forged in the vision statement will begin to mold the entrepreneurial dream that you have for your future.

Kathryn Lang is a professionial writer and motivational speaker. She enjoys writing about a wide variety of business topics including youth businesses and finance.

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