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The Entrepreneurial Personality


What Does It Take To Become an Entrepreneur?

Want to know how to become an entrepreneur? What exactly does it take to be an entrepreneur? Which personality traits make for success? Read this article to see if you have what it takes.

Want to start a business? It's a good idea to first consider whether you are the type of person who will do well running your own business.
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It's not that certain people are predestined to be great entrepreneurs. We all can learn how to do it. But some personal characteristics will lead you to do better than others.

FICTION: To be an entrepreneur you must be born that way.

FACT: Anyone can learn to operate like an entrepreneur.

What are the similarities of successful entrepreneurs? Research suggests that entrepreneurs often possess these traits:

  • persistence
  • desire for immediate feedback
  • inquisitiveness
  • strong drive to achieve
  • high energy level
  • goal oriented behavior
  • independent
  • demanding
  • self-confident
  • calculated risk taker
  • creative
  • innovative
  • vision
  • commitment
  • problem solving skills
  • tolerance for ambiguity
  • strong integrity
  • highly reliable
  • personal initiative
  • ability to consolidate resources
  • strong management and organizational skills
  • competitive
  • change agent
  • tolerance for failure
  • desire to work hard
  • luck

Many entrepreneurs also had:

  • A role model to influence them early on; and
  • parents who were entrepreneurs.

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Deejay 10/12/2007

Yes. There is a lot of truth in what is mentioned on this page. My father started his own company at a late age and had many setbacks and heartbreaks but succeeded in the end. He had a lot of the qualities mentioned here. His initiative and the fact that he did try to branch out on his own- regardless of the results constantly prompts me to think about doing the same - hopefully soon.

internet marketing business 4/6/2009

Definitely to be a successful person in businesses is not so easy, it is required to be an integral person all this info is completely true.

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