August 3, 2020  
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What are the top trends in entrepreneurship? We keep track of the entrepreneurial trends that impacting entrepreneurs in the United States and around the globe.

Entrepreneurship and Startup Trends

  • Gen X and Internet Business - The X Generation babies are all grown up now. If they make up part of your target audience, you need to get to know them.
  • Entrepreneurship Trends - What are the trends in business startups? Are more or fewer people becoming entrepreneurs? New research suggests a slowdown in new business starts.
  • Doing Business in a Bar - A new trend in business is hosting meetings in a bar instead of a boardroom. Many entrepreneurs feel that this practice fosters a more creative and relaxed atmosphere. Here are some suggestions for you if you are thinking about moving your meetings to the bar.
  • Avoiding a Trend Company - Often it is tempting to get in on the latest trend in entrepreneurship. Be careful, the popular startups have some drawbacks. Read about how to evaluate your latest business ideas.
  • The Latest Startup Trends - Every year there are business startup trends that take the world by storm. Knowing what these trends are can help you appeal to a particular audience. But are these startup trends worth making long-term goals when trends tend to not last long?
  • Entrepreneurship and the S-curve - Understanding S-curves is vital to your company's success. How do you harness the knowledge from some of the S-curve trends of past industries?

  • Persuading Your Audience - As an entrepreneur you need to convince plenty of people to believe in you and your vision. Knowing how people are influenced through the 5 factors of persuasion can help you better understand what you need to do to persuade people to buy into your entrepreneurial vision and abilities.
  • Baby Boomers Seek Extra Income - The Baby Boomers generation looks to franchise opportunities and network marketing to rebuild nest eggs cracked in the crunch. Many older members of the Baby Boomer Generation lost investments and retirement funds following the crunch. That's why certain businesses appeal to them.
  • Predicting Profitable Food Trends - American bake goods have hit the big time in the UK. Much of the success of the cup cake can be attributed to the TV show Sex and the City. Now UK food chains look to New York for inspiration and in the hope of predicting the food fashion trend.
  • Stats for Startup Business - What do you need to know before starting up a business? Where can you get this information? This article will give you some nice tips on where you can dig for the data.
  • Small Business Trends for 2012 - With the global economy still struggling to regain its footing, several trends have the potential to significantly impact small businesses in 2012.
  • 5 Questions for Startup Entrepreneurs in 2012 - Thinking about starting a business in 2012? According to one business author, there at least five things you need to consider before you go too far down the startup path.




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